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Global & Comparative Politics Term Papers

We have 420 term papers relating to 'Global & Comparative Politics'. Displaying page 3 of 18. Unlike other term paper and essay websites, all our term papers on Global & Comparative Politics have been written by professional writers, not submitted by other students!

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Theories of Integration for Europe

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This 8 page paper considers to what extent theories of integration can help to explain the developments that have taken place in the European Union in the last decade. This paper concentrates on two areas of policy; security and justice to illustrate the points raised. The bibliography cites 8 sources.


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This 3 page paper discusses immigration and the Homeland security efforts which may be overstepping constitutional issues. Bibliography lists 1 source.


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This 6-page paper describes how the United States and some agencies coordinate and assist the international community in times of disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes and torandoes. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Immigration and Justice:

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This 10 page paper examines justice in relation to U.S. immigration policy. This paper highlights many specific examples that illustrate both justice and injustice in U.S. immigration policy. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Globalisation; Analysis of a Speech

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This 5 page paper examines DG Mike Moore speech "Making Globalization Work" given in Geneva on the 20 February 2002. This is a persuasive speech and emphasises an increased role of the World Trade Organisation in social development and responsibility. A number of tools are used, including careful wording, the use of statistics and references to commonalities as well as a constructive approach. The bibliography cites 3 sources.


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This 3 page paper examples one of the main reasons that the McCarran-Walter Act of 1952 was passed despite Truman's opposition, and how it impacted immigration. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Trade unions and the new industrial settlement

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A paper which looks at the postwar and the new industrial settlements, with reference to Thatcherism and the changing role of the trade unions in the UK. Bibliography lists 5 sources

Policy making in the US and the UK

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A comparison between the machinery of government policy making in the UK and the US, which concludes that the system operating in the former is preferable to that in the latter.

Human rights evaluations in two countries

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A paper which looks at political freedoms and civil liberties in Cuba and Argentina, according to the US State Department's scoring system, and considers the usefulness of the system as an aid to evaluating such issues. Bibliography lists 2 sources

The Internal and External Challenges of the Arab World When Facing Globalization:

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This 5 page paper examines the problems and challenges that confront the Arab world in regards to globalization. More specifically, this paper highlights the desire of the Arab world to maintain its political, religious, social and cultural identity while simultaneously coexisting with the values of globalization. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

What Can We Learn About The Relationship Between Science And Politics From The Case Of Antarctic Research?

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This 6 page paper considers how the research which takes place in Antarctica reflects the more general global political and economic conditions. The paper looks at the way research is split, how the power is controlled and the link between science, political power and economic power. The bibliography cites 6 sources.

LaPalombara/Democracy Italian Style

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Joseph LaPalombara's 1987 book Democracy Italian Style outlines the idiosyncrasies of Italian governance. This paper answers 15 specific questions that cover the scope and content of this book. No additional sources cited.


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This 4 page paper discusses the idea by Thomas Friedman that in a globalized world, no one would be in charge. Bibliography lists 1 source.

Was it Genocide; Armenia, Cambodia, The Dersim Rebellion and East Timor.

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This 10 page paper looks at four different incidences of mass murder in Armenia, Cambodia, Dersim in Turkey and East Timor. The paper outlines the events in the areas and then compares to different definitions of genocide provided by the student. The bibliography cites 7 sources.

English as a global language, and the concepts of Self and Other

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A paper which considers English as an international language, with reference to Edward Said's concepts of Self and Other in relation to the language of minority cultures, and the global use of English in a multicultural postcolonial society. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

East Timor; Was it Genocide?

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This 8 page paper considers the definition of genocide and the events that occurred in East Timor, focusing on the post ballot period of 1999. The 1948 convention has a definition that is open to interpretation regarding issues such as intention. This paper consider how, the events may be considered as Genocide, and why the charge may be difficult to bring, epically with the additional criteria or requirements recommended by the Preparatory Commission for the International Criminal Court. The bibliography cites 10 sources.

Paradoxes of the European Union

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The existence of the European Union may be seen as contradictory, manifesting paradoxes which are never resolved, merely postponed. This 5 page paper considers some of these, such as the conflict between a free trade union and free competition area and a democratic political organisations with federal tendencies. The paper also considers issues such as the historically defined paradoxical nature of Europe as both inclusive and fragmented and the way in which the union wishes to be a political and a social union. The bibliography cites 8 sources.

International And/Or Domestic Factors Most Important In Shaping U.S. Foreign Policy

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10 pages in length. Evaluating the above statement speaks to the resolve and resiliency America has when it is faced with enacting new or meeting the terms of existing foreign policy, a concept that reflects an attempt to coexist within the boundaries of civilized reality; however, the divided interpretations of what civilized reality truly means have often clouded the very essence behind the concept of foreign policy. When the established policy does not provide for friendly relations, then the only alternative arrangement finds that the parties involved are struggling to overpower each other in an attempt to either acquire or maintain political superiority. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Territorial Jurisdiction

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This 3 page paper looks at this subject from an international perspective. An actual case study is evaluated. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

The NGO Global Network and the Anti-Globalization Supporters

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This 4 page paper considers the existence and role of the NGO Global Network, which partners the United Nations and seeks to aid collaborations and efficiency on non governmental organisations. The bibliography cites 2 sources.

An Analysis of Empire

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This 3 page paper looks at a Marxist position as compared with newer theorists . Empire and globalization are two concepts discussed. Capitalism is also at the crux of the argument that supports the Marxist position. Bibliography lists 4 sources.


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This 4 page paper discusses the onging hostilities in the Middle East, historically, economically, and potentially. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

International Human Rights

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This 11 page paper is packed full of specific information about human rights violations and problems around the world from the 2003 Human Rights Watch World Report. The concept of cultural relativity is explored. Women's rights is also discussed. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Russian Economy: Post World War II to Present

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A 5 page overview of the factors influencing Russian economy. This paper emphasizes the problems Russian encountered shifting from communism to free market. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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