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Global & Comparative Politics Term Papers

We have 420 term papers relating to 'Global & Comparative Politics'. Displaying page 11 of 18. Unlike other term paper and essay websites, all our term papers on Global & Comparative Politics have been written by professional writers, not submitted by other students!

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Unilateral Approach to U.S. Security

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A 12 page paper which discusses the significant, and risky, role played by the United States, as the only super power, as it involves security. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Growth of Gross Domestic Product Per Person

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8 pages in length. The gross domestic product is the most important economic indicator published. Providing the broadest measure of economic activity, the gross domestic product is considered the "report card" of a nation. In this paper the focus is on Australia. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Includes charts and tables.

Contemporary Russian Government: Structure, Competence And Functions

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6 pages in length. The writer discusses the structure, competence and functions of the contemporary Russian government. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

The Democratic Societies of Germany and Japan

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5 pages. While many countries are considered democratic societies, they can at the same time display many instances of similarities and differences. For the purpose of this report we will discuss both Germany and Japan and how the two countries enforce their democratic choices of government. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

French and English Governments Compared

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This 5 page paper takes a look at the precise difference between the French and English governments and the roles of its highest officials. Some history is provided. The governments are compared and contrasted. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Planning UN Finance in the Coming Decade

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A 7 page paper presenting a shift in the manner in which member nations fund UN operation. When the UN was less influential in the world, its support belonged to those nations most interested in the political influence they could gain from UN affiliation. As the world's economy continues to consolidate, UN operation is much more practical and necessary. Contributing 1/10 of 1 percent of GDP places no hardship on any member nation, yet it provides flexibility as national fortunes change. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Different Viewpoints on Global Trends

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6 pages in length. In looking at the differing viewpoints on global trends as observed by Thomas Friedman and Ignacio Ramonet, we show how each author conceptualizes globalization. Additionally, the ongoing concerns over security and nuclear arms in the post-cold war era will be discussed, as well as the future of nuclear weapons in global security. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

International Law

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8 pages in length. International law is instrumental in helping individual nations regulate their interrelated affairs; if and when this body of rules is either ignored or blatantly disregarded, such disrespect for all other countries involved must be dealt with accordingly. This is the primary importance of effective sanctions, which serve to control appropriate activity in and among the participating nations that abide by international law. This paper also includes a short topic on Namibian independence and the international law in general. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

Humanity in the New Millennium

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An eight page paper which looks at several aspects of humanity at the start of the new millennium, including commitment to human rights, developments in science and technology, environmental issues and the fields of art and culture. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

England and China; Differences in the Concepts of Status, Identity and Privacy

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This 12 page paper considers the way in which these concepts can be seen as differing in the domestic situation of these two very different nations, the paper looks at the situation on both the national as well an individual basis. The bibliography cites 5 sources.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the United States' Government: 2031

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A 13 page paper which presents an examination of the strengths and weaknesses of the United States' government and democracy from the perspective of the President in the year 2031. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

The Relationship of Nationalism to the International System

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A five page paper which considers the changing definition of nationalism, and the way in which the modern focus on cultural rather than geographical boundaries is reflected in international relations. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

The ‘Third World’

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A five page paper which considers the changes which smaller and less developed nations have undergone since 1945, and how the ‘Third World’ has evolved out of countries which were formerly the victims of European colonialism and are now struggling to achieve autonomy in the face of global industrialisation. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Secular Nationalism Versus Religiously Based States In The Middle East

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10 pages in length. Secular nationalism and religiously based states have long held opposition for each other's beliefs. When imagining a community in the Middle East and other areas, such as Diasporas, organizing a state and providing it with a moral basis for legitimacy would have to abide by the needs of both sectors, inasmuch as there cannot be social, political or economic adaptation to the exclusion of either one. Clearly, the impact upon local communities from modern governments and the global economy has been such that the eruption of individuality has been noted in abundance. How do these two frameworks, as well as the persistence of tribalism/ethnicity and the politics of sociability help one to understand contemporary communities, such as Palestinians, Syrian Jews, and Egyptian villagers. When one considers the vastness of global culture as it relates to social politics, it becomes clear that the progression of secularism has unleashed an entirely divergent appropriation of perceived personal rights. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

AKEL/ Communist Party of Cyprus

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A 6 page research paper that examines the political situation on the ethnically divided island of Cyprus and the part that AKEL, the Cyprus communist party, is playing in the ongoing conflict between Greek and Turkish Cypriots. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

The Trouble with the World Trade Organization

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This 9 page paper takes a look at the WTO and why some think of it as a club of rich nations. Globalization is discussed in depth. Statistics, and examples, are provided. Bibliography lists 6 sources.


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This 5 page paper provides an overview of the concept with a focus on how different regimes view globalization. Pros and cons are discussed. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

The Reasons for Violence in Chile and Uruguay

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This 6 page paper looks at the military coup in 1973 in Chile and the way in which General Pinochet and his government followed a policy of violence and compares it with the Uruguayan guerrilla's in the early 1970's. The similarities and difference are discussed. The bibliography cites 7 sources.

The International Court of Justice

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A 12 page paper discussing the history and current state of this UN Court. While founder Nicholas II's belief that "Pax extinguit belli flammas" certainly has not been realized by means of the International Court of Justice, it has become accepted that those committed to a goal of peace may have to fan the flames of war themselves momentarily before peace can prevail. Only lack of enforceability and the requirement that nations abide by decisions prevent the Court from being able to fully promote peace. UN forces may be used in the future to enforce the Court's decisions, and the Gulf War provides example that nations do not necessarily need to agree with decisions in order to find themselves bound by them. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

How to Become a Dictator: Hitler, Mussolini, and Augustus

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A 4 page discussion of the factors which combine to form a dictatorship. Contends that Hitler, Mussolini, and Augustus all had certain characteristics in common. They were able to manipulate people and they were relentless in achieving their goals, regardless of how demented those goals may have been. Concludes that it is the power of persuasion and a degree of relentlessness which makes a dictator. Aggression, egotism, and the ability to take advantage of the circumstances of the time, all combine to form a dictatorship. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Chilean And Nicaraguan Revolutions: Failure To Consolidate Power

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5 pages in length. In spite of significant differences, the revolutions in Chile and Nicaragua share a fundamental common trait: both revolutions failed to consolidate themselves in power and were ultimately unsuccessful. For Nicaragua, this inability to centralize power came from an authoritarian perspective; for Chile, it was the quest for socialism that drew its motivation from oppressive power. In both instances, however, the aspect of democracy represented the focal point of revolution. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

The Female Prime Ministers of New Zealand

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This 10page paper looks at Helen Clark and Jennifer Shipley of New Zealand, the current and former Prime Ministers. The paper considers how gender has played an issue in gaining and retaining leadership as well as the other influences that have been evidenced on their political careers. The bibliography cites 7 sources.

Europe; Expansion and Development of Unification;

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This first part of this 5 page paper looks at Europe and the way it has developed since the times of Ancient Rome, as a Unified Empire through time and up to the current era where, in the second part of the paper the development of the current European Union is traced from its roots in the recovery of the Second World War as a way of keeping the peace. The bibliography cites 5 sources.

Palestine 1900 – 1939

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This 8 page paper considers the history of Palestine and the Jews in Palestine. First it studies the change in Jewish demography during this period going on to look at British policies in the colonial state and the politics of the Palestinians in the area. The bibliography cites 7 sources.

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