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Computers & Internet Term Papers

We have 1183 term papers relating to 'Computers & Internet'. Displaying page 26 of 50. Unlike other term paper and essay websites, all our term papers on Computers & Internet have been written by professional writers, not submitted by other students!

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Enterprise Resource Planning

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5 pages. This paper explains what Enterprise Resource Planning is and why it is implemented. Explanations will include companies that use Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and how it has impacted their businesses. Also included are some vendors that market ERP packages and who their markets are. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Wireless Networks; How the Advantages Outweigh the Disadvantages

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This easy to understand 8 page paper consider the advantages and disadvantages of wireless networks, including both LAN and WAN. The writer takes a balanced approach before arguing that there are more advantages than disadvantages. The bibliography cites 12 sources.

Computer Crime in the UK

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This 8 page paper considers the current levels of computer crime in the UK and asks the question "is there sufficient legislation to combat computer crime or is there still a need for more?". The writer considers the barrier to combating this type of crime with some surprising results. The bibliography cites 13 sources.

A Career as a Network Administrator

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5 pages. This paper will cover the many facets of being a network administrator. Some of the topics included are what type and how much of an education would one need, what the career outlook is for this particular job market, the approximate starting salary and the type of work that is typically done in this job. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Computer-Aided Software Engineering (CASE)

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This 8 page paper provides an overview of CASE. Various aspects are explored. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Asynchronus Transfer Mode (ATM)

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9 pages. Asynchronus Transfer Mode (ATM) in computer data networking is defined and the history of the concept is discussed. How this technology is currently used in all aspects of data networking is also discussed. This paper includes an outline as well. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

IT: Overview of Some Current Issues

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A 5 page paper reviewing three information systems articles reflecting current issues in IT. The articles discuss globalization of the IT function; using IT to combat bioterrorism; and guarding against spending too much on IT systems in order to gain little benefit for the additional costs. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Society's Right To Privacy: Government Communication Tapping

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7 pages in length. The recent and ever-escalating incidence of global terrorism has caused the government to implement a means by which to thwart the negative by-products of such activity. Surveillance, even though significantly intrusive, has been touted as playing an integral role in saving society from such fatal intrusion, with proponents contending that it has, indeed, become imperative for governmental surveillance to be utilized as a means by which to control this unwanted element of global society. However, there exists an ultra fine line between protecting the populace via communication tapping and the outright and unconstitutional invasion of one's privacy. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

Developing Operating Systems

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7 pages. This paper will help explain some computer operating systems, how they work and what goes into the development of them. Several different operating systems are mentioned including Unix, Novell, Microsoft NT, Linux and others. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

Documentation of Laptops in a Manufacturing Environment

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This 5 page paper considers what documentation is necessary for the introduction of a laptop computer into a manufacturing environment to be successful. The bibliography cites 5 sources

Web Development as a Career

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A 5 page paper comparing work as a freelancer or an employee, discussing salary, job opportunities and other related topics. The freelancer has the decided advantage. It would appear that the employed web developer has a more certain future and the added attraction of company-paid benefits, but the freelancer has much greater direct control over his own career. Includes an outline. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

The Differences Between Internet and Non Internet Application Testing

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This 16 page paper considers the different ways that these two applications are tested and argues that the culture of application software testing for non internet applications is much harsher and exacting than the testing that occurs in a medium where there is a culture of evolution and change, and the medium allows for changes to be made more simply. The bibliography cites 10 sources.

Comparison Of Three 19" Computer Monitors

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A 5 page paper that compares three 19" computer monitors from Hitachi, Samsung and Proview. Specifications are provided for each monitor with an explanation of what some of the terms mean, e.g. dot pitch. A commentary follows concluding with a recommendation on which monitor to purchase. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Pornography And Internet Laws

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5 pages in length. The writer discusses the need for legal control with regard to pornography and the Internet. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

A Comparison of Two Commercial Web Sites: Dell and Gateway

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A 10 page comparison of two web sites, one produced by Dell Corporation and one by Gateway Computers. The author of this paper presents a detailed evaluation based on ease of use, design, layout, general content, and security. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Network Administration

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5 pages in length. The writer discusses the various components of implementing database administration. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Software Piracy

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6 pages in length. The business of software piracy has reached epidemic proportions. Indeed, the loss of economic support, along with the interruption in the development of additional software, has placed a considerable dent into its industry. If people are given the opportunity to purchase a perfectly good title from someone who offers it to them at a significantly reduced rate, as opposed to buying it full-priced from a licensed dealer, far too many individuals jump at such a chance. That is precisely why the software industry is suffering from economic and developmental difficulties. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Web applications

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A paper which looks at three web applications, Net Dynamics, Cold Fusion and NetObjects Fusion, in terms of the way in which they are designed and utilised. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

What is the Future of Books?: Advantages of Electronically Formatted Media

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A 7 page contention that although books are a mainstay of both our academic and our personal lives, serving to enlighten us and to entertain us, they are quickly becoming an antiquity. The hard print world of books, magazines, and newsletters is quickly being replaced by the electronic world of computerized media. Just as the blackboard and inkwell have given way in the past to write-and-wipe boards and ball-point pens, the print medium is giving way to hypertext and palm readers. Indeed, books are soon to be a thing of our past. This paper uses the educational arena to demonstrate the superiority of electronically formatted media in comparison to traditional print media. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

The Impact of the Internet on the Travel Agent

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This 5 page paper consider the impact that the Internet has had on the travel industry and travel agents. The paper considers the way that the internet empowers customers and changes the role of the agent providing both opportunities and threats. The bibliography cites 5 sources.

Talking on Cell Phones While Driving

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10 pages. This paper considers the consequences of talking on cellular telephones while driving a vehicle. Includes testimonies, statistical data and whether it should be made unlawful. Cites the problem, how to solve it, and whether it is beneficial, workable and practical. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

The Internet; History and Web Design

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This 6 page paper considers two aspects of new technology. The first part of the paper considers development and spread of the Internet. The second part of the paper considers web design, why it is important and how it has developed. The bibliography cites 4 sources.

Security Fraud

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20 pages in length. The continued progress of technological advancement represents a double-edged sword with regard to pertinent social, political and economic issues. That computers have granted society the opportunity to move beyond the conventional restrictions associated with day-to-day tasks cannot be argued; however, the extent to which these same computers have been the target of a new breed of criminal lends to the heightened security that must exist in order to challenge such fraud. Bibliography lists 18 sources.

Data Warehousing

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This 10 page paper considers the subject of data warehousing. This includes a definition of what it is, how it is used, the importance of data warehousing to a company and many other related aspects. The bibliography cites 10 sources.

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