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Computers & Internet Term Papers

We have 1183 term papers relating to 'Computers & Internet'. Displaying page 16 of 50. Unlike other term paper and essay websites, all our term papers on Computers & Internet have been written by professional writers, not submitted by other students!

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This 3-page paper discusses the challenges inherent in using computer-based training (CBT) in training airline pilots. The paper offers a review of existing literature on both the topics of training airlines pilots and CBT in general. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

The Hacker Community as a Counterculture?

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This is a 4 page paper discussing the question of whether or not the hacker community could be considered a counterculture. The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language defines “counterculture” as “a culture, especially of young people, with values or lifestyles in opposition to those of the established culture”. Jay Michaelson extends the definition further emphasizing that “a counterculture should be more than just a taste in music or clothes – it should be a culture, complete with language, style, ideology (or the explicit rejection of), identity-definers, and mores of social interaction”. A review of the websites available to and referring to hackers often refer to their community as “a shared culture” and in many ways, because of the language, ideology and mores expected of hackers, they could be considered in some ways as a counterculture. However, there are also extreme hacker groups, such as Warez which are more so in “opposition” to accepted culture and more within the definition of a counterculture. The hacker community likes to differentiate the culture of “hackers” from that of “crackers” like Warez. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Data Compression at Peribit and Expand

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Data compression is becoming increasingly important as companies seek to maximize their use of bandwidth. The 5 page paper compares the different data compression techniques of two companies; Peribit and Expand. The paper looks at how they work, the cost of the solutions offer and the support that is provided. The bibliography cites 5 sources.

The Internet; A Case Concerning Contract Law, Passwords, Employment Law and Issues of Domain Registration

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This well written 16 page paper considers the following case; Jez, subscribes to an Internet magazine site. After paying his subscription fee, he is required to agree to the terms of use Jez does read them, but and proceeds to click on The “I agree to the terms of use”. Rob, a work colleague, discovers Jez's username and accesses the site without Jez's permission. Rob spams members of the chat room advertising his services as a freelance artist. The magazine wish to end the contract, the users of the chat room are not happy and he employers are also unhappy. The paper advises Jez, Rob, the magazine, the chat room users and the employers. The paper then considers a second issue where a company with a similar name wish to set up a domain and take action against the magazine company who have a very similar domain name. The case is written with reference to English law and cases are cited throughout. The bibliography cites 10 sources.

Three Network Operating Systems

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A 3 page paper comparing common operating systems. Several operating systems continue to vie for most-used status in networked computers; the three examined here are Windows NT/2000, Windows 2000 Server and Linux. Bibliography lists 5 sources.


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This 7-page paper offers an overview of the hotel industry, as well as the impact of the Internet on the industry. Also included are analyses of five hotel web sites. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Health Information Management Software

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A 3 page paper discussing 3M Company’s Clinical Workstation Application component of its 3M™ Care Innovation Expert Applications system for automating patient records. The software is useful in putting all available patient information into the same location and maintaining it in a format that is highly useful for enhancing patient care quality and increasing the organization’s operational efficiency. Bibliography lists 2 sources.


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This 15 page paper discusses the case study of the IDE product called Pay-EZ and its impact on the micropayment industry. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Dealing with Cybercrime

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This 8 page paper considers the increase in the use fo the internet and cybercrime and the way that the Computer Misuse Act 1990 may be used it dealing with different cybercrimes such as cyberobscenity, cybertrespass, cybertheft and cyberviolence which can include cyberstalking. The paper looks at what the Computer Misuse Act 1990 will cover and how it may be possible to improve the legislation and enforcement of the law concerning cybercrime. The paper is written with reference to UK law. The bibliography cites 12 sources.


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This 4-page paper examines Computer Sciences Corporation, some of the external factors impacting the business, and how e-commerce fits into business strategies. Bibliography lists 3 sources.


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A 4 page paper which discusses and analyzes the form of computer mediated communication known as hypertext. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Instructional Technology: Computers in the Educational Setting

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A 10 page overview of the importance of the adoption of computers as an instructional technology. The author reports that some ninety-eight percent of our schools have Internet access and the average ratio of students to computers has dropped to the all-time low of 5:1 yet our full acceptance of computers as an educational aid has not developed. This is unfortunate given that computers have the ability to allow us to meet two primary educational goals: the transmission of knowledge and the preparation of children for fulfillment of their future roles in society. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

Reading Software Programs in the Classroom

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This is a 4 page paper discussing reading software programs for use in the classroom. Review studies and recommended programs are included in the paper. Within the last several years, software learning programs have gradually been introduced into school curriculums to aid teachers in meeting the educational requirements of students. Since the introduction of reading software intended for classroom use, many school systems have taken it upon themselves to review the available products and integrate those with the highest ratings into the classrooms. Reading software programs are available from a variety of sources but today most have been reviewed based on curriculum needs and many have received high marks in the classrooms from the educators and the students and in addition to providing a new approach to curriculum requirements, students also learn to become comfortable with the new technology. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Health Care Call Center Database Management Systems

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A 10 page paper discussing the potential value of implementing a call center at a company providing software for long term care facilities. The paper reviews the benefits of meeting customers’ needs for technical assistance and providing that assistance in a timely manner. It also discusses the types of database management systems available (Oracle 9, IBM DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server), recommending that the company choose either Oracle or SQL. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Adding a Knowledge Management System

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A 13 page paper discussing the addition of a knowledge management system to an existing e-system, in this case drug retailer Rite Aid’s e-commerce efforts. As specific systems, they have existed only for a relatively short time. As for feasibility, many organizations have enough trouble defining what they would want from a knowledge management system to make any such addition impractical. One of the hallmarks of successful IT project management and completion is that there are highly specific and narrowly-defined end goals quite clear at the beginning. The purpose here is to follow a knowledge management upgrade through the process of being added to an existing electronic system. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

Spatial Products in Politically Sensitive Areas

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A 10 page paper discussing advances in spatial products technology and potential applications in areas where there is increased threat of terrorism, such as Sierra Leone. Spatial products are those that have at their core operation of Global Positioning System (GPS). They may consist of GPS alone or include Geographic Information systems (GISs), spatial decision support systems (SDSSs), geodemographics, computer mapping, automated routing and other applications. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

International Issues Regarding Computers and the Internet

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This 5 page paper looks at several issues, including but not limited to hacking and identity theft. The fact that international crimes are more difficult to manage is a focus of this paper. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Digital Audio Technology

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A 4 page paper current use of digital audio technology, particularly as it applies to the creation of current popular music. Digital audio technology allows the electronic creation of any number of combinations of people or effects, without the need for having all contributors present at the same place or at the same time. In some respects, the artistic influence in much of today’s popular music can be seen to lie more with mixing technicians than with performers. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Down’s Syndrome and the World Wide Web: A Summary of the Presentation this Disease Has on the World Wide Web

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A 9 page overview of the information which is available on the Internet regarding this genetic-based condition. The author reviews ten consumer-oriented web sites for content and presentation. Includes a table covering the major features of each of the reviewed site. No additional sources are listed.

Information Ethics and the Computer Age

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A 12 page overview of the way the technological revolution has impacted our privacy in regard to digitized information. This paper touches on the privacy of personal information in the workplace and in the world in general, emphasizing the incredible complexity of information which exists. The contention is presented that, although laws exist to protect digitized information, those laws are inadequate. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

Privacy and the Computer Age: An Impossibility?

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A 9 page overview of the way the technological revolution has impacted our privacy. The author of this paper outlines the risks which currently exist in regard to information privacy. The contention is presented that, although laws exist to protect digitized information, those laws are inadequate. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Computer Programming: Occupational Description and Outlook

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This 6 page paper looks at computer programming as a vocation. Salary, risks of the work, occupational outlook and general duties are explored. Bibliography lists 5 sources.


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This 4-page paper discuuses database structures including flat file, relational and object oriented. Bibliography lists 3 souces.

Comparing Two Studies

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This 4 page paper considers two studies; “An Empirical Study of the Causal Antecedents of Customer Confidence in E-Tailers” by Sandeep Krishnamurthy and “Organizational commitment and ethical behavior: An empirical study of information system professionals” by Effy Oz. Both look at the impact and perception of information technology, the first at e-commerce and how customers perceive risk, the second at the role of IS professionals. The paper outlines their purpose, hypotheses and the value they may provide as well as comparing the two studies. The bibliography cites 2 sources.

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