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Sociology, Counseling & Social Work Term Papers

We have 1508 term papers relating to 'Sociology, Counseling & Social Work'. Displaying page 1 of 63. Unlike other term paper and essay websites, all our term papers on Sociology, Counseling & Social Work have been written by professional writers, not submitted by other students!

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The WTO and All of Its Finery

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This three page paper presents a critical assessment of an article about the World Trade Organization. One source is listed.

Child Abuse: Causes and Solutions

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This eight-page-paper explores child abuse. It opens with an explanation of what constitutes child abuse and moves into signs that it may be occurring. Next the paper explores some of the solutions that are available to prevent it. Bibliography lists eight sources.

Cultural Relativism and the Impact on Determining Cultural Tolerance

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This 5 page paper considers the concept of cultural relativism and whether it is possible to apply this concept as a theoretical basis for defending cultural tolerance. This paper provides a basic overview of the concepts related to the nature of culture and reflects the social application. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Ecology, Politics And Morality

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6 pages in length. The writer briefly discusses water pollution and human health; campaign financing and apathetic voters; and whistle blowing in the workplace. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Is Crime, Like Beauty, In the Eye of the Beholder?

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This 9 page paper critically examines the statement that “Crime, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder: how ‘crime’ is defined; viewed varies depending on how we answer the question what is crime. The paper looks at different theories and contemporary examples of variant views on crime and deviance. Te bibliography cites 8 sources.

Why the Fall of Capitalism is Inevitable

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This 3 page paper examines the ideas of Karl Marx and why the failure of capitalism is inevitable. A quote from The Portable Marx is included. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Marx's Ideas Compared with the Utopian Socialists

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This 9 page paper examines Marxism along with the ideas of utopian socialists. The theories are examined for differences and similarities. An economic view is taken. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Approaches to Domestic Violence

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This 6 page paper considers domestic violence and some of the approaches to it, and how empowering women might help to reduce the occurrence of violent encounters. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

How Marx and Weber's Theories Relate to Globalization

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This 8 page paper examines the theories of Karl Marx and Max Weber and applies them to globalization. Globalization is defined and discussed. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Causes of Poverty

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This 5 page paper discusses both the liberal and conservative thinking with regard to the causes of poverty, and decides which seems more compelling. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

A Look at Social Stratification

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This 5 page paper examines social stratification. Religious stratification is touched on as well. Marx and Weber are mentioned. Examples from the United States and India are provided. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Relative Power

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A 10 page paper which examines an individual discussing their relative power in relationship to their culture, personality, experiences and other aspects of their identity. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Imperialism and Social Hierarchy

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A 3 page paper discussing three specific readings. Each of the sources provided for review share a common theme, that of denouncing imperialism in either real or imagined forms. Vietnam's Declaration of Independence (n.d.), an excerpt from Nkrumah's (1968) The Spectre of Black Power and commentary on Kipling's "White Man's Burden" all serve to illustrate the path of development of social divisions in modern "empires" resulting from stronger nations imposing their wills on weaker ones. Race, class and political status hold major roles. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Charles Taylor And Negative Liberty

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12 pages in length. Freedom – the quest for and attainment of – has long been at the heart of human existence. Since man was first aware of his autonomy as a living being, he has sought out the benefits of freedom even when that search has rendered less than advantageous results. Charles Taylor's understanding of freedom in the capacity of negative liberty and positive liberty illustrates how the idea of a self-governing society is one that poses a significant challenge to those who believe people are intrinsically able to reserve social, political and caste desires beyond the unquestionable inherent tendency toward self-directed satisfaction. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Empathic Skill: Important To Social Work Practice

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6 pages in length. Skills of a social worker encompass a vast and varied collection of abilities that serve to engage, relieve, understand and respect the client. The extent to which reaching for clients' feelings is the cornerstone of any good social worker is both grand and far-reaching; that empathic skills represent the way in which to achieve this perspective speaks to the need for social workers to be significantly more in tuned with their client's holistic attributes. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Why Marx's Predictions Never Came True

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This 3 page paper contends that Karl Marx's predictions never materialized. Several nations (China, Japan and India) are used as examples. Bibliography lists 1 source.

Research Book Reviews

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This 7 page paper is a review of two books aimed at undergraduate students to show them how to undertake social research. The books are Social Research Methods by A Bryman published by Oxford University Press and Researching Social Life, edited by N Gilbert published by Sage. The bibliography cites 5 sources.

The Problem with a Compliant Society

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This 3 page paper focuses on an Erich Fromm piece as a springboard for discussion to support a thesis that people are too obedient. Several examples are provided. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs of America Brochure

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A 2 page brochure (trifold, front and back layout) intended for education about programs offered through this organization seeking to make a difference in the lives of Club members and their families. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

The Meaning of Oppression

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This 5 page paper examines a variety of theorists in respect to their views on oppression. Theorists include Karl Marx, Fidel Castro and Booker T. Washington. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

The Bellenden Renewal Scheme

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This 4 page paper examines the urban regeneration project that took place in London and created a newly named area in old Peckham. The paper looks at the outputs of the project which included cleaning up and restoring building to the placement of street art in the form of street furniture. The second part of the paper then looks at how the context of this ten year project that started in 1997 had changed by 2005. The bibliography cites 5 sources.

Bronfenbrenner's Ecological Theory of Development and Graduate Studies

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This 4 page paper provides an overview of Bronfenbrenner's Ecological Theory of Development and the impacts on the choice to pursue graduate studies. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Counseling Children: Ethical Aspects

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14 pages in length. The inherent vulnerability of children is one of the most endearing of all youthful traits; however, when that vulnerability is used against the young individual within the otherwise ethical boundaries of the counseling atmosphere, such defenselessness proves a detriment where the child's emotional and physical well being is concerned. Clearly, the extent to which counselors are expected to uphold ethical treatment of all clients is both grand and far-reaching; that children must be afforded an even more stringent approach where ethics are involved speaks to the intrinsic responsibility of the counselor to both protect and aid the young patient. Bibliography lists 14 sources.

The Role of Stereotyping and the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

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This 12 page paper provides an overview of the problem of stereotyping and the impacts of institutionalized racism. Bibliography lists 15 sources.

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