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Art, Artists & Genre Term Papers

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Picasso: Cubism and Expressionism

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A 5 page paper which discusses the influence of Picasso in relationship to the contemporary art world, in relationship to his use of Impressionism and Cubism. For the most part, his use of Impressionism was nothing more than a stepping stone to his later innovative Cubist designs, and as such the primary focus of the paper is on the evolution of Cubism, and the influence his art has had upon the art world. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

Influences and Style of Ludwig Meis van der Rohe

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Meis van der Rohe’s unique minimalist style was influenced by his times and by his German mentors of The Bauhaus movement which focuses on the personal history of Meis within the frame of the weimer Republic and his association with it, the Bauhaus movement and particular elements of his furniture design including metal, chrome, leather, tufting, open frame, and other materials. jvVdrRoh.rtf

Gertrude Stein and the Controversy of the African Mask

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The beginning of art critic discussions concerning Pablo Picasso’s Cubism is attributed to Leo Steinberg’s 1972 essay, The Philosophical Brothel, according to Lisa Florman, and the significance of the his paintings subsequent to Les Demoiselles d’Avignon has been argued ever since. Arguments range from whether the Picasso’s cubism opened the door to a new sexuality as Steinberg proposed, or whether Picasso took his artistic inspiration from African Art. The answer is that he did both, but Les Demoiselles is his first cubist piece, while his portrait of Gertrude Stein is his first painting utilizing the African mask. 4 works cited. jvPStein.rtf


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This 3 page paper discusses the elements of the REalist Period through the work of Manet's Olympia and Flaubert's Madame Bovary. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Japanese Identity: The Kimono Designs of Miyake, Youth Clothing, and Architecture

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This is a 9 page paper discussing the modern Japanese identity in relation to fashion and architecture. The modern Japanese identity is highly unique in its combination of the traditional and the “unfettered” modern and often mismatched. Examples of this can be found in the fashions of Issey Miyake and his contemporaries, the fashion selections and manipulations of the Japanese youth and modern Japanese architecture. Regardless of the industry however, a high level of craftsmanship, consistent with Japanese tradition, can be found. Miyake took the traditional and customized kimono and fashioned it for the flexible, international and mass produced market while at the same time defying modern day techniques of conforming the clothing to the contour of the body thus allowing the kimono to still be worn by all women of all body shapes; not usually considered in today’s fashion market. The Japanese youths of today also make their clothing distinct from that of Western countries by taking Western fashions and clothing and combining or manipulating the clothing to develop a modern and mismatched style. The clothing although often appearing vintage or aged is actually extremely high priced and carefully planned. Similarly in modern Japanese architecture, elements of the traditional can still be seen in religious areas such as Kyoto whereas modern urban areas such as Toyko have modern buildings which often combine traditional elements with modern elements which appear to be mismatched but are actually well planned and reflect the freedom of craftsmanship of the architect. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Wassily Kandinsky

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7 pages. Controversy abounds in regard to the art of Wassily Kandinsky. In this paper his methodology is explored as well as some of the reasons behind what he was painting and why during certain periods in his life. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Artist and Society

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This 3 page paper talks about James Joyce and Martha Graham. Their beliefs & goals in society. It points out how very similar they both are. 3 sources are cited.

Mozart/ Symphony No. 40 in G Minor

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A 5 page analysis and research paper that analyzes the structure and content of Mozart's Symphony in G-Minor. The writer argues that this emotional quality of this work stems from a variety of musical features that are discussed. Bibliography lists 1 source.

Seeking Meaning In Baroque

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This 8 page paper argues that Rest on the Flight into Egypt by Orazio Gentileschi, The Four Evangelists by Jacob Jordaens and the Crucifixion Of St. Peter by Luca Giordano are done in the naturalist style of the baroque period and share the theme of religious representation. The artists have their own personal styles, however, each has conformed to the baroque style in their use of space, time and, especially, the use of light and dark for dramatic effect. Bibliography lists 3 sources.


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This 16 page paper details the events that brought the work of Koolhaas into the limelight, how his theories have expanded the perception of architecture, and how he has managed to bridge the gap between disciplines. This paper discusses globalization, moderism, and Koolhaas' visions for the architechture of the future and the present. A review of the book S,M,L,XL is given as well as examples of his work, which are studied in length. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Picasso And Cubism

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Pablo Picasso, along with Georges Braque, formulated the style of cubism in 1910. This 5 page paper explores the personality of Picasso and the characteristics of the cubist painting, Les Demoiselles d'Avignon. Bibliography lists 5 sources.


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The Function of Artwork as Text (5 pp) If we are to ask ourselves how artwork functions as a text, it is first necessary to determine what is "text?" We tend to think of it as printed words on a page. Yet text may refer to scholastic material, or sacred writing, however, it can also serve as a "theme," or a "topic." It is this last definition, that we shall use in this discussion. The reference essay used is Suzi Gablik's 1991 "Deconstructing Aesthetics," from her book, The Re-Enchantment of Art. The Postmodern artists discussed will be Cindy Sherman and Philip Pearlstein. Bibliography lists three sources.

Michelangelo Buonarotti.

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(10 pp) Michelangelo's long and prolific life as a sculptor, painter, architect and poet made him the most celebrated artist of the Italian Renaissance. The artist, as an individual, challenged his Patron, even if it was the Pope, the Holy Father on earth. He embodied the spirit of the Renaissance, the rebirth of man as an individual, and thinking Soul, rather than the enduring piece of clay of the previous Middle Ages. He continues to be an icon, against which realism, either measures its self, or rebels. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Romanticism Values: Intuition, Emotion, and Imagination.

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(5 pp) "One of the problems of definition is that the Romantics were liberals and conservatives, revolutionaries and reactionaries. Some were preoccupied with God, others were atheistic, to the core. Some, began their lives as devout Catholics, lived as ardent revolutionaries, and died as staunch conservatives. " However, there are some generalities, that the author will discuss, which will give us a rough outline, of that historical period, usually thought of, from 1750 to 1850. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Harold Rosenberg and the Action Painters

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(5 pp) Rosenberg came up with the term "action painting," when he was talking about those painters we now call "abstract expressionists." As a critic and writer, Rosenberg argued that the major value of art was in the act of creation itself. Today, following the same line of argument, we might say that the value is in the process. Rosenberg, the first spokesman for this new form, felt that visual art should be treated as if it was a narrative, or "told a story." He said , "The new painting has broken down every distinction between art and life. Modern art is educational, not with regard to art but with regard to life." Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Art Which Represents the Achievements of America

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(6 pp) Artwork, which represents the achievements, of America is bound to be a very individualistic choice. This selection will be part one of this discussion; part two is to determine how those selections that the author has made, might be misinterpreted thousands of years later. Four artists/artworks are represented: Thomas Cole, The Statue of Liberty, Dorthea Lange, and Andy Warhol. Bibliography lists 4 sources and 8 photos demonstrating the work involved.

The Seventeenth Century Dutch Art Market

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(8 pp) Previous to the seventeenth century, artists, and their work were supported by wealthy patrons: these would have been either the Church itself, royalty or the upper class of the country. After the Reformation and the Counter-reformation, coupled with the rise of the middle class, economics shifted, as did art patronage. This discussion will examine those events in seventeenth century Holland, the golden age of Dutch Art. Bibliography lists 8 sources)

Fine Art 'Tools' for Scenic Design

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(7 pp). In this discussion, one of the early works by da Vinci, will be used as a departure point, and the fine art qualities of line, color, composition, texture and light, will be examined within that painting, as well as through the work of Caravaggio, Gainsborough, Turner and Frith. Includes 4 visuals (da Vinci,Caravaggio,Turner and Frith.

Picasso and Goya – Artists Ahead of their Times

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Picasso and Goya – Artists Ahead of their Times:This 8-page analytical essay examines the lives and contributions of these celebrated artists. Although from different eras, their work reflects the lasting impressions of war. Goya was Picasso’s hero, and yet the former only achieved critical acclaim after his death. Bibliography lists 6 sources. SNArtsy2.doc

Gaugin and the Brooding Woman

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Gaugin and the Brooding Woman: This 10-page report examines one of Paul Gaugin’s most celebrated paintings, The Brooding Woman in terms of its characteristics relevant to gender and societal implications. His life in Tahiti and artistic style are also explored. Coming on the heels of impressionistic art, this painter left a lasting contribution with his untamed relish for solid blocks of color. Bibliography lists 7 sources. SNArtist.doc

Robert Rauschenburg and Lithography

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(5 pp) As we begin to look at this artist it is necessary to point out, that hardly a more will-o-the-wisp person could have been chosen. Rauschenburg (1925 -)is known for his willingness and daring in exploration of painting and printmaking techniques. To link the man to much more than materials is a tricky thing to do. So we will start from there, and use two words paint and ink, and see where the discussion takes us. Bibliography lists 3 sources, amd 1 visual.

Verbal Elements in Painting

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(7pp) Artists working in the early 20th century were swimming in a tide of uncertainty and change. The outbreak of World War 1 in 1914 resulted in political, economic and social upheaval. Technological advances like the advent of the car, camera and electricity heralded new heights of modernization. The invention of the camera and dwindling patronage signaled a change in the role of artists in society. Art reflected society. Abstract art evolved because artists felt they had been liberated from "imitating nature". Words and letters now began to appear in paintings, as can be seen in the works Malevich, Magritte, and Ernest. Bibliography lists 4 sources, 2 visuals.

Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944)

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(8 pp) Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky , one of the most important innovators in modern art, played a pivotal role in the development of abstract art; some call him the father of abstract art. Consequently, Kadinsky also influenced abstract expressionism, a painting style of the late 1940s and 1950s in which abstract or nonobjective forms were used to convey emotional content. Abstract Expressionism emphasized spontaneity and often employed bold colors and/or strong value contrasts; the paintings were usually quite large in scale. Because this art often involved energetic physical movement by the artist, it is also referred to as action painting. Bibliography lists 5 sources, including 2 visuals.

Tutankhamun's Treasures

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(6 pp) The draw of ancient Egypt has held our fascination for centuries. One of the Egyptian tours that fueled the Valley of the Kings flame was the traveling exhibit of Tutankhamun, which stayed 'out' for three years. The collection was found in 1922 almost completely intact and has continued to delight us. Bibliography lists 7 sources - includes 2 visuals.

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