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Legal Issues Term Papers

We have 19 term papers relating to 'Legal Issues'. Displaying page 1 of 1. Unlike other term paper and essay websites, all our term papers on Legal Issues have been written by professional writers, not submitted by other students!

Prison Reform - Case Study

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In this 5 page case study, prison inmates are demanding adequate health care and isolation of HIV-positive inmates. The task is to use certain organizational development theories in devising a plan to address the issues. A study certified substandard quality in terms of healath care. The essay comments on the reason inmates want HIV-positive inmates isolated but this action has just been found unlawful in another state. The writer uses Maslow's hierarchy to explain the inmates' demands. A plan is provided. Bibliography lists 3 sources.


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This is a 7 page paper which discusses the possible impact on the democratic process by the disenfranchisement of felons and ex-felons. The bibliography has 15 sources.

Violent Content in Video Games: How Special Interest Groups Shape Public Values

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A 5 page overview of the varying viewpoints surrounding violence in video games. There are groups that oppose this violence and those that support the right of video producers and those that play these games to free expression. What results is special interest groups, each of which clamors for the attention of our lawmakers. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

The National Rifle Association

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A 12 page overview of the history and mission of the NRA. Details the involvement of the organization in gun control politics. Bibliography lists 6 sources.


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This 15 page paper discusses the pros and cons of both mediation and arbitration. Examples from both domestic and corporate world given. Bibliography lists 15 sources.


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This 15 page paper discusses the pros and cons of alternative dispute resolutions and arbitrators. Examples are given which support both sides. Bibliograpy lists 13 sources.

Ethics and Morality according to Aristotle in the Legal Defense of a Guilty Man

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This 10 page report discusses issues of ethics and morality from the perspective of Aristotle. The situation is one in which an attorney’s client confides that he is actually guilty of the crimes of which he is accused. What, according to Aristotle, is the ethical dilemma and how should it be solved? Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Palko verses the State of Connecticut: Applicability of the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments

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A 5 page examination of the question of whether a retrial on the basis of state prejudice (resulting in the subsequent sentence to death) constitute double jeopardy as is defined in the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. Addresses the question of whether the Fourteenth Amendment makes the Fifth Amendment applicable to all states and whether the appellant, who is being tried in Connecticut, has been deprived of his right to due process under the Fourteenth Amendment. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

The Application Of Kenneth Burke's Pentad

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In 1988, Jerry Falwell (of the Moral Majority) sought damages from the publisher of Hustler Magazine, Larry Flint, for a defamatory cartoon. The case was eventually heard by the Supreme Court, who ruled in Flint's favor, deciding that the first amendment right to free speech allowed for the magazine to publish an obvious satire. This 5 page tutorial argues that the pentad of key elements presented by Kenneth Burke is an appropriate method of investigating the motives behind those concerned in the Falwell vs. Flint case. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Ethical Treatment for the Mentally Ill

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Ethical Treatment for the Mentally Ill: This 8-page report examines the way that society treats its mentally ill within the US Justice System. Frequently, they do not have the right to refuse court-ordered psychotropic medication that makes them more ill. How we justify treating these people with less compassion than the family pet? Bibliography lists 4 sources. SNPsylaw.doc

Voting in the United States

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This 5 page report discusses voter participation and the lack of it in U.S. elections. Only 49 percent of the people of eligible age participated in the 1996 presidential election that re-elected Bill Clinton to the White House and continued the Republican majority in both the Senate and the House of Representatives. Unless American citizens make the effort to participate in the democratic reality of the United States, there will come a day when that reality no longer exists. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

In Favor of Same-Sex marriage

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( 5 pp.) This discussion will look at the emotionally charged issue of homosexual marriage. It is this writer's opinion that this has become a social "non-problem," and should be treated as such. In a dynamic and vital society, there are many more issues of concern that lead to the growth of a health society and the potential of human development, rather than quibbling about ones choice of sexual partners. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

The Use of Historical Evidence in Contemporary Debates

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5 pages in length. Oftentimes in contemporary debates we see the use of historical court cases and past decisions brought up in order to help sway the arguments. Many critics of this action question the validity of bringing up historical matters when dealing with a contemporary issue. However, as this paper will point out, it is extremely helpful to look at historic decisions and their subsequent outcome on the debate so that we may learn from the past and perhaps learn from it. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Should Executions Be Televised?

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A 6 page research paper that investigates this question, looking at the ramifications of such a step and how it might affect the populace. Annotated bibliography lists 15 sources.

The Impact of Divorce on Women.

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(7 pp) the divorce rate in the United States is the highest in the world. Fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. Sixty-seven percent of all second marriages end in divorce. 90% of divorced mothers have custody of their children (even if they did not receive it in court). 60% of people under poverty guidelines are divorced women and children. Single mothers support up to four children on an average after-tax annual income of $12,200. 65% divorced mothers receive no child support. And there is more… Bibliography lists 6 sources.

The Development of the American Law Enforcement

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This 40 page paper considers the origins and early development of American law enforcement, with a focus on the evolution of police administration theory and practice, specific era of police reform, and the specific views of constituencies, agendas and personalities that have influenced the reform movement. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

Changing Definitions: Native American Heritage as it Relates to DNA Testing

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A 10 page discussion of the governmental role and interest in the classification of "Native American". Explains the governmental restrictions as to who can classify themselves as Native American, the necessity of being on a tribal roll, and the inadequacies and injustices of that approach. Includes information about self-identification of race and ethnicity for the purpose of the U.S. Census and suggests that DNA typing would be a more acceptable means of qualifying for tribal rolls than would the methodologies which are in use today. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Tobacco Lawsuits

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A 7 page paper which discusses the conditions involving the tobacco industry and the legal court system today, in relationship to the prevention of underage smoking. One of the most recent court cases is illustrated, as well as charts and statistics provided which illustrate various aspects of concern. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Stanley I. Kutler/The Charles River Bridge Case

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A 5 page analysis of the Kutler's book, Privilege and Creative Destruction: The Charles River Bridge Case. The writer demonstrates that this landmark case of the early nineteenth century has relevance for current day society. No additional sources cited.


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