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Law & Legal Systems Term Papers

We have 1259 term papers relating to 'Law & Legal Systems'. Displaying page 51 of 53. Unlike other term paper and essay websites, all our term papers on Law & Legal Systems have been written by professional writers, not submitted by other students!

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Free Speech

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6 pages on the importance of free speech and the First Amendment. Various Supreme Court cases are cited and the writer stresses the importance of protecting our right to freedom of expression etc; Bibliography lists 12+ sources.

First Amendment and Terrorism

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A 14 page paper that provides an overview of the issues related to applying First Amendment rights to freedom of speech and religion to organized terrorism. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

(The) First Amendment

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9 pages which analytically examine whether or not the 1st amendment has 'lived up' to the expectation of its drafters. Bibliography contains 18 legal references.

Astrology & The First Amendment

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Approximately 50 pages of analytical and opinionated writing that attempt to respond to the title question : "Astrology, Psychics, Superstition, Cults in America: Symptoms of a malfunctioning First Amendment?" No bibliography.

Rawls v. Locke / Right to Property

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A 7 page comparative essay on the argument by looking at Locke's discourse on property rights of individuals and Rawls' response to the basic sections. The paper issues an opinion that the argument is so divese it has no remedy on middle ground. Two sources cited.

Nineteenth Amendment and Suffrage

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A 5 page paper that looks at how the people involved in the debate fashioned their debates in support or against the right to vote for women. Bibliography lists more than 5 sources.

Property In Speech

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A 15 page paper that explores issues involved in property in speech. There has long been controversy about the boundaries between freedom of speech and of press and intellectual property rights. Recent cases, such as those of Dustin Hoffman and the 2 Live Crew rap group have served as examples of the boundaries. Cyberspace has intensified the controversy due to the lack of international laws concerning copyrights. This essay provides explanation of the intellectual property laws, cases, expert opinions and also presents a case regarding who owns ideas. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Roe v. Wade & Griswold v. CT / Reproductive Rights Issues

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A 5 page paper that outlines the basic arguments in both of these cases and considers the justification and a comparison of arguments in both. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Roe v. Wade / Defense of Constitutional Rights

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An 8 page argumentative essay on Roe v. Wade, covering: original Supreme Court decision, economic, legal and political impact, benefits to society, and refutation arguments. No additional sources cited.

The U.S. Supreme Court's Policy-Making Authority

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An 8 page discussion on the Supreme Court's broad policy-making authority in which the writer analyzes whether or not the Court's role has deviated from the Founder's original intent. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Socio-Political Importance Of The U.S. Supreme Court

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In this 3 page essay, the writer argues both that the Supreme Court is crucial to decision-making and that the power of control should rest perhaps in logical interpretation of the Constitution. Largely a review of one particular book on the subject, this argument is made based upon examples from several landmark Supreme Court cases. Bibliography lists 1 source.

Information Theory as an Explanation for Policy Failure

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This 6 page report discusses public policy and whether or not when policy fails, if 'implementation theory' can be pointed to as a convincing explanation of the failure. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Analysis of the Hill/Thomas Hearings

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This 5 page paper provides an analysis of the hearings which took place in 1991 regarding allegations of sexual harassment by Clarence Thomas. An evaluation of linguistic techniques and rhetoric used by both Thomas and Anita Hill are included. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Interest Groups and the U.S. Supreme Court

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15 pages in length. Excellent for anyone studying judicial systems or public administration ...With much attention paid to several modern cases, this report examines the role that special interest groups have in determining the decisions of Supreme Court Justices. It is argued that special interest groups have actually come to have a bit too much power today and that their resulting abuses should be curtailed. The cases of Clarence Thomas and of Robert Bork are used as primary points of discussion. Bibliography lists 11 sources and a FREE annotated bibliography briefly describes their use in the paper.

Judicial Review & Its Ultimate Impact Upon Public Administration/Book Review

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4 pages in length. An analytical review of Earl M. Maltz's book entitled "Rethinking Constitutional Law: Originalism, Interventionism, and the Politics of Judicial Review" in which the writer finds Maltz's views to be unrealistic because they tend to de-recognize the human qualities of judicial members. This essay largely examines political participation and its role in public administration. Standard bibliography lists more than 10 sources and a Free annotated bibliography details their usage in brief. Please send us e-mail for more details.

Judicial Review # 2

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In 6 pages, the writer discusses the concept of judicial review, what it is, how it works, agencies involved, etc. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Judicial Review

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The debate over whether or not the courts should embrace judicial restraint or judicial activism is reviewed in this 5 page paper. The purpose of judicial review is discussed. Roe v. Wade is highlighted as an example of a case that continues to be discussed as both an exemplification of restraint and review. Robert Bork is portrayed as a contemporary philosopher who supports restraint, or even discarding review altogether. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Karl Llewellyn & Jerome Frank / Two Theoretical Perspectives on Judicial Reasoning

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This 8 page paper provides an overview of the theoretical bases provided by Karl Llewellyn and Jerome Frank and they relate to judicial reasoning. This paper applies their theories on constitutionality, doctrinal development and persuasion as they can be distinguished in US Appellate Court cases like the United States v. Black, United States v. Rhodes, and United States v. Oliver.

Judicial Bias

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A 19 page research paper on judicial bias and its various forms. The writer details conservative and liberal bias in the federal courts, ideological bias, racial and sex bias, and corruption. Bibliography lists 15 sources.

Peter Iron's "The Courage of Their Convictions"

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5 pages in length. The writer discusses the racism involved in the case of Robert Mack Bell v. Maryland as presented by Peter Iron in his well-publicized book.

'Storm Center' / The Supreme Court In American Politics

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In 5 pages, the writer discusses David M. O'Brien's book, and makes a general analysis of the point and ideas thereof. No additional sources cited.

'The Marble Palace' / The Supreme Court In American Life

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In 5 pages, the writer discusses John P. Frank's The Marble Palace: The Supreme Court in American Life, and gives a general analysis of points, ideas, etc. No additional sources cited.

McCloskey's 'The American Supreme Court'

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A 5 page paper analyzing Robert McCloskey's book. Our nation was founded on the principles underlying fundamental laws that assure the rights of the people of the nation. The Supreme Court is charged with protecting those fundamental laws, but also with preserving popular sovereignty, which is the freedom under which we live. Because popular sovereignty is such an overriding factor in the justification of the Supreme Court, we likely will continue to have controversy stemming from the rights of the government versus the rights of the people.

Personal Property & The Constitution

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A 6 page paper looking at James W. Ely, Jr.,'s book The Guardian of Every Other Right, together with Charles Reich's article 'The New Property.' The paper looks at the issue of property rights from a historical standpoint, concluding with Reich's ominous warning that the government has invisibly robbed us of the most precious property we have -- our independence. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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