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Law & Legal Systems Term Papers

We have 1259 term papers relating to 'Law & Legal Systems'. Displaying page 50 of 53. Unlike other term paper and essay websites, all our term papers on Law & Legal Systems have been written by professional writers, not submitted by other students!

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The Electoral College

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In 5 pages the author addresses the subject of the electoral college. "The electoral college is widely misunderstood, and to some it is an archaic means of electing a president and vice president. The electoral college has stipulations in the constitution that most people are not aware of. There are some that feel that the electoral college in its present form will cause a president to become elected who was not the winner by popular vote." Bibliography lists 4 sources.

What Is Wrong With Voting Methods ?

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In 5 pages the author discusses the different voting methods used. "Voting in the United States is not as simple as it would seem. The outcome of the election depends on the method used in voting. Of all the methods of voting, there is not one that satisfies all of the conditions of fairness." Bibliography lists 6 sources.

In Defense Of American Liberties

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5 pages in length. Samuel Walker's In Defense of American Liberties: A History of the ACLU demonstrates the strengths, weaknesses and changes implemented by the American Civil Liberties Union over the past century. Its in-depth and detailed, if not sometimes strong and emotional, depiction gives the reader a sense of reality with regard to how it was -- and still is -- to fight for one's inherent freedoms. The writer discusses Walker's interpretation of how the ACLU climbed up from the ranks to become the most respected civil liberties organization. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

U.S. Law & Hypothetical Case Decisions

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6 pages worth of short essay answers to hypothetical law cases; Some of the concepts discussed in these essays include : torts, malicious prosecution, Federal health care regulations, and the Constitution's 'Necessary and Proper' clause. The cases themselves are not available. No Bibliography.

U.S. Constitution / Book Reviews

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6 page comparison of two texts dealing with the U.S. constitution; 'The Clash of Issues' by Burkhart, Krislov and Lee and 'Democracy Under Pressure' by Cummings and Wise. Authors touch on such subjects as the framework of democracy, the Federal system, American Civil liberties, and political parties.

National Security & Constitutional Issues

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This 8 page paper looks at the strengths and weaknesses of the American government as they relate to the pursuit of national security objectives. Highlighted is a discussion on scientific data as well as the effect of the Internet on the continuing struggle to achieve a balance between individual rights and the physical and financial well being of the nation. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Supreme Court Justice, David Souter

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Souter is looked at through his dissent on Agostini v. Felton, a 1997 decision involving the separation of church and state. This 5 page paper discusses the man and the judge and speculates on the reasons why he might have taken the stance upholding the Constitutional protection of religious freedom. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Posse Comitatus / Sociopolitical Vigilantes

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An 11 page research paper on Posse Comitatus -- a Latin term denoting a sociopolitical movement which began in the late 1960's. Adherents to this particular brand of thinking feel that they are not bound to obey any authority figure higher than the county Sheriff. Paying income tax, making social security payments, and using license plates and driving licenses violate the inherent principles of this group. The writer outlines the group's history, Federal efforts to stop them, and specifically examines the role of Common Law, Constitutional Law upon which the Posse's arguments are based, and the Posse Comitatus Act developed after the Civil War --almost in expectation of such a group's forthcoming. A Bibliography lists 9 sources.

Abortion Legislation (1992-1996)

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4 pages in length. A case study in abortion legislation from 1992 - 1996 (beginning just after the Supreme Court's Casey ruling). The writer reviews acts of legislation that have occurred all over the United Since ever since. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Descration of the Flag

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A 5 page paper that supports the development of a constitutional amendment against the desecration of the flag. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

The 14th Amendment and Women's Rights

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A 7 page paper discussing the 14th amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The writer discusses the context of this amendment in current times as it relates to equality, women's rights, relevant social programs, etc; It is ultimately concluded that although the 14th amendment is the first step towards social reform, and equal rights for all citizens, it will be a long time before those discriminated against -- women, homosexuals, blacks, and other minorities -- are truly considered equal. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

The Fourth Amendment / Its Relevance To The O.J. Simpson Case

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A 5 page overview of the Fourth Amendment and its Relevance to the Search and Seizure involved in recovering evidence in the recent O.J. Simpson murder trial. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Fourth Amendment / Its History v. The Current Message

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An 8 page paper that provides an overview of the history and current application of the 4th Amendment. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

The NRA, Hand Gun Control & Current Arguments

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A 5 page paper that provides a comprehensive overview of the elements expressed in an NRA web site and then considers the implications in terms of social perspectives, gun control and the current arguments both for and against gun control. Bibliography lists 1 source.

Louisiana Gun Laws

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A 7 page essay on handgun laws in the state of Louisiana which examines the controversy which surrounds this issue. Both sides' arguments are presented as this paper tells of the most current skirmishes in a battle to see which will eventually take precedence--an individual's right to self protection or safety issues. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

'The Right To Bear Arms' Analyzed

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A 6 page paper examining the most controversial portion of the U.S. Constitution, the Second Amendment, or 'the right to bear arms.' A historical background will be provided to illustrate the Founding Fathers' rationale behind placing this as one of the most fundamental of citizens' rights, the recent controversy regarding the Second Amendment, and the reasons why Americans still need the right to bear arms in contemporary society. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Religious Freedom Restoration Act

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The 1996-1997 US Supreme Court produced a number of important rulings, including the constitutionality of the Brady gun law and issues like doctor assisted suicide. But the Court's decision to strike down the Religious Freedom Restoration Act on June 25, 1997, was perhaps one of the most controversial rulings. This 16 page research paper provides an overview of the Supreme Court ruling that overturned the RFRA. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

Wayne Swanson's 'The Christ Child Goes to Court'

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A 5 page paper that considers the arguments of the Supreme Court in the case of Lynch v. Donnelly as represented in Swanson's book. No additional sources cited.

Book Review / The Establishment Clause

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Similar to Estabcla.wps (above)- this 5 page report discusses Leonard Levy's book, "The Establishment Clause: Religion and the First Amendment" which traces the sources of disestablishment since the colonial experience. Levy concludes that, Congress in writing the religious freedom clause, took the broad view, flatly prohibiting government support to religion in general - i.e. to all denominations, without discrimination. Full citation for book provided in bibliography.

Book Review / The Establishment Clause

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A 5 page comprehensive analysis of Leonard Levy's (1986) "The Establishment Clause: Religion and the First Amendment." It is pointed out that only in the middle decades of the 20th century have the religious clauses of the U.S. Constitution been so extensively interpreted by the U.S. Supreme Court as the basis for a religiously pluralistic society. The writer then goes into a thorough explication of issues explored by Levy and posits that Congress often acts beyond its inherent Constitutional boundaries.

The Fourth Amendment

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A 5 page paper arguing that police have no right to enter into people's personal homes without proper evidence or warrants for such entrance. Different examples are provided, which illustrate some of the various concerns involved in the protection of our privacy. In essence, there are many sacrifices that we must make in order to maintain our right to privacy, but those sacrifices are very much worth the cost in the preservation of our privacy. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Second & Fourth Amendments Examined

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These two amendments are looked at in light of several contemporary issues in this 8 page paper. The amendments are also discussed historically, inclusive of their origins and examples throughout the history of the nation. Recent examples that involve such issues are shown, including Ruby Ridge, Waco and the shooting of five people in Arkansas in March of 1998. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Pornography and the First Amendment

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A 9 page research paper on the implications of Paris Adult Theater v. Slaton to the continued showing of pornographic films. The writer explains the holdings of the case and discusses the scientific support for the ill effects of pornography, and whether it should continue. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Hate Speech / Various Arguments in Favor of Its Demise

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A 10 page research paper that expresses various reasons for abridging the First Amendment and outlawing hate speech in the United States. The writer uses a universal approach which includes arguments from Nature (science), politics, philosophy, and religion/spirituality. The writer posits that what is really at stake is the survival of society. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

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