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Law & Legal Systems Term Papers

We have 1259 term papers relating to 'Law & Legal Systems'. Displaying page 47 of 53. Unlike other term paper and essay websites, all our term papers on Law & Legal Systems have been written by professional writers, not submitted by other students!

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Affirmative Action In Health Care Settings

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This 15 page research paper reports data regarding affirmative action in medical schools and in the delivery of health services. Specific arguments for and against affirmative action admissions policies are discussed. Court cases charging bias against nonminorities are included as are recent legislation and legislative proposals to ban affirmative action policies in university medical school admissions. Bibliography lists 20 references.

An Analysis Of Various Affirmative Action Programs

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A 5 page paper exploring the differences and similarities between affirmative action programs based on race, sex and disabilities (ADA). The paper explores these issues from the viewpoint of public policy. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Affirmative Action # 2

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16 pages excellently detailing affirmative action, relevant issues, problems, cases, opinion etc; Includes 16 bibliographic references.

Electric Utilities and the Internet

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A 5 page research paper that examines the changes that have been instituted in this quickly changing industry. The writer discusses how recent legislation has opened up the marketplace regarding energy use and how utilities are meeting these new challenges via Internet technology. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Regulation of Utilities

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This 10 page paper focuses on the Public Utilities Holding Company Act of 1935 in a discussion on related regulation. A history of the law's implementation is provided along with a discussion on its ramifications. The significance of monopolies, particularly as it pertains to utilities, is addressed. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

Law Review / Avalanches & Liability

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A 7 page research paper on avalanche predictions, postings, and cleanup in light of federal, state, and torte law. Also considered are contract, negligence and manslaughter. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

Tort Reform / Against Current

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A 7 page argumentative paper positing that the general public is continually losing ground when it comes to financial redress in the United States. The current (1998) bugaboo is tort reform. The paper agrees that abuse of the system led to the desire for change in the system; however, based on historical success in the product safety area, tort reform will not serve the public. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Usage and Violations of Antitrust Laws by Health Care Organizations

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A 14 page paper that discuses recent changes to antitrust laws in regards to networked health organizations, and also the relaxed antitrust laws on acquisitions and mergers in the industry. The paper introduces potential alternatives to changes in the antitrust laws which may be advantageous to continued competition in the industry, and suggests that alternatives to relaxing competition should be pursued. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

Tracy O'Shea and Jane LaLonde's Sexual Harassment: A Practical Guide to the Law, Your Rights, and Your Options for Taking Action

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This 7 page paper provides an analytical overview of O'Shea and LaLonde's book Sexual Harassment: A Practical Guide to the Law, Your Rights, and Your Options for Taking Action. This paper assesses the two central components of sexual harassment law as outlined by the authors: quid pro quo and hostile work environment. No additional sources cited.

Sexual Harassment

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A 14 page paper which discusses sexual harassment. The primary focus is on the universities and academic institutes of California. Federal regulations such as Title VII and Title IX are discussed as well as individual university policies. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Sexual Harassment / An Important National Issue

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In 3 pages the author discusses why sexual harassment has become such an important national issue.

The Gift Tax

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In 1997, the Taxpayer Relief Act was passed, the purpose of which was to alleviate taxes for the upper middle class and to simplify some of the more complicated tax laws then in force. The 'gift tax' was one such area. In simple terms, the gift tax is payable by the donor on gift property during the donor's lifetime. It is based on the premise that a large gift of money and, or, property would have been included as part of the donor's estate and as such, would have been subject to taxes. This 7 page paper examines the provisions of the gift tax statutes and the impact of the Taxpayer Relief Act on the utilization of gift taxes on estate planning. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Are There Positive Outcomes To Medical Malpractice Reform?

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A 25 page paper that provides an overview of the major elements of malpractice reform, and considers the question of whether there are benefits to reform policies in light of the prominent arguments regarding proposed legislation over the past decade. Bibliography lists 24 sources.

Public Interest Law & Technology

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A 5 page paper discussing the history and background of public interest law and uses of technology to further its cause. Various examples and pertinent statistics are provided. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Four Issues on Law and Education

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This 8 page paper addresses four popular concerns relating to education and the law, including book banning, state action, constitutional rights of students and teachers and school prayer. Each issue is evaluated and the application of specific laws, including legal elements pertaining to constitutionality, are defined in this paper.

Legal Profession

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An 8 page paper that discusses different aspects of the legal profession. Topics discussed include: admission to law school; education; recruitment; legal specialties; hierarchies in law firms; stratification of the profession and the social status of lawyers. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Sports Law / Institutional Liability When Players Are Injured

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A 5 page research paper which examines the question of what constitutes liability on the part of a coach or an institution in the event of sports related injury. The writer examines numerous cases and outlines the basics of what the courts expect from coaches and institutions. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Sports Law / Who Is Liable When a Fan Gets Hurt?

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A 6 page paper discussing legal and liability issues related to spectator injuries at sporting events. Bibliography lists four sources.

Differences Between Copyright and Trademarks

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A 5 page research paper on trademarks and copyrights. The writer details what each covers, how it obtained, and international considerations. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Deconstructionism & The Critical Legal Studies Movement

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A 25 page paper that considers the importance of deconstructionism and CLS in law, and then argues against their use. The writer contends that standard legal practices are more effective than developments supported by deconstructionism. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

Skeet Shooting & Pollution

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This 9 page paper focuses on a legal case concerning The Long Island Soundkeeper Fund and The New York Coastal Fishermen's Association v. The New York Athletic Club. The case addressed environmental issues and was under the Clean Water Act umbrella. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Legal Case Analysis

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In 5 pages, the author discusses a legal case scenario using Lyle v. Durham. A memo was created using the facts of the case to make a summation and a judgement concerning the case of Todd v. Gardner. It was decided whether the defendant or the plaintiff in the case was legally the rightful owner of the engagement ring. No additional sources cited.

Ethical Treatment in Employment / A Legal Memorandum

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When an employee is denied promotion because of the knowledge that a manager has regarding their status and plans to remain (or not to remain) with a company, it is possible to contend that the manager has supported discriminatory action during the promotion process. This 6 page paper considers the scope of this argument and then devises a legal brief that applies many different legal perspectives to support this assertion. No additional sources cited.

Legal Memorandum

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This 11 page paper is an example of a legal memorandum for a fictitious case involving Royal Imperial Mutual Alliance Consolidated Insurance and an insured motorist. This legal memorandum applies Indiana State laws to the issue of uninsured motorists in the family of insured motorists, and supports the clients supposition of a prevailing judgment action against the insured. No bibliography.

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