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Law & Legal Systems Term Papers

We have 1259 term papers relating to 'Law & Legal Systems'. Displaying page 4 of 53. Unlike other term paper and essay websites, all our term papers on Law & Legal Systems have been written by professional writers, not submitted by other students!

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Historical View/Social Justice Issues

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A 5 page research paper that analyzes three issues that the writer considers of significant importance. This analysis pertains to groups that have historically been marginalized within the framework of society and the criminal justice system. First of all, the US has a history of persecution against citizens of African American descent. Likewise, historically, violence against women, another marginalized group, has been tolerated in the past and, if left unchecked, tends to perpetuate itself into the future. A third group that has often been the focus of unjust laws and laws criminalizing their behavior consists of immigrants and pertains to immigration law. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Current Trends in Criminal Law

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A 5 page research paper that examines current trends in criminal law, specifically, the three most significant issues in the opinion of this writer/tutor that have emerged over the last several decades. These are: 1) the threat of international terrorists targeting the US and the ramifications of this threat; 2) the prevalence of high tech crime and the problems that this posses; and 3) the tendency of criminal justice system to increasingly treat juvenile offenders as adults. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Issues in Criminal Justice Administration

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A 5 page research paper that address three issues in criminal justice administration in the US. These issues address the realities of an increasingly large prison population, the corresponding overcrowding in prisons and the decline in rehabilitation programs, which may be a trend that is beginning to reverse. If these current trends in criminal justice administration continue, it paints a dark picture for the future, as the demands of maintaining the criminal justice system will continue to be increasingly exorbitant and the socioeconomic repercussions of long-term incarceration will continue to plague certain demographic groups, particularly lower-income black neighborhoods. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Australian Law and The Right to Silence

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This is a 14 page Australian Law paper. Weissensteiner v R (1993) 17 CLR 217 descirbes the right to silence, with a specific view of the right of the accused to elect to remain silent and the implications in terms of the legal process. Specifically, the right to silence cannot be used by the prosecution in support of an implied admission of guilt, and cannot be used as evidence to support either guilt or innocence. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Disparate Impact and Disparate Treatment

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This 3 page paper examines two cases--one impact and one treatment--as a springboard for discussion. How each of the cases is applicable to business is discussed. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Abortion and Civil Disobedience

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A 3 page discussion of Henry David Thoreau's prescription for Civil Disobedience. This paper addresses how civil disobedience is an extremely effective tactic even today. The example of abortion law is emphasized. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Contract Law and the Mentally Ill

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This 3 page paper uses a case study as a springboard for discussion. Can someone who is in and out of mental hospitals create a binding contract? This paper contemplates that question. Bibliography lists 2 sources.


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This 12-page paper examines the concept of incarceration, what it is used for, the history and its effectiveness. Also discussed in this paper are alternatives to incarceration. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Miranda v Arizona

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A 3 page overview of the case of Miranda v Arizona. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Weeks v. US

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A 5 page paper that summarizes this landmark 1914 Supreme Court case, which established that evidence obtained by illegal search and seizure, that is, without a proper warrant, would be inadmissible in American courts. Bibliography lists 1 source.

Gideon v. Wainwright

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A 5 page research paper that offers a legal brief and summary concerning this landmark decision of the US Supreme Court. Due to this decision, all defendants are provided with an attorney, as the court will appoint counsel if the defendant cannot afford this service. Bibliography lists 1 sources.

A Review of the International Criminal Court

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A 12 page examination of the history of international law and the implementation and function of the International Criminal Court. The author examines the reasons behind U.S. resistance to this international entity. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

Tort Reform

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This 4 page paper examines the issue of tort reform. Both sides are discussed and there is a focus on medical issues. Florida is highlighted as a state that is doing something about the problem. Bibliography lists 3 sources.


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A 3 page victimology report that details a hypothetical crime giving the pertinent information needed by investigators in order to apprehend the assailant. No bibliography offered.

The Importance of Updating One's Will

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This 3 page paper focuses on a case study submitted by a student. The significance of drawing up a will, and keeping it updated, is relayed by the example. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Case Summary

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This 3 page paper summarises various aspects of the Australian case Re: Demagogue Pty Ltd And Nicholas Ramensky and Gisela Elizabeth Ramensky No. G54 of 1992 Fed No. 851 Trade Practices (1992) 110 ALR 608 (1992) 39 FCR 31.

Australia's Freedom of Information Act

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An 8 page discussion of the importance of this 1982 law. The author of this paper emphasizes that, despite its many challenges and despite its potential for misuse the Freedom of Information Act is a critical element in insuring transparency, fairness and efficiency in executive government. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

Cuyahoga Falls v Buckeye Community Hope Foundation

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This 5 page paper evaluates this disparate impact case. The concept of disparate impact is defined. The facts of the case are relayed and its implications discussed. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Raytheon Co. v. Hernandez

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This 5 page paper evaluates this case study regarding disparate treatment. The concept of disparate treatment is defined and discussed. Implications of the case are included. Bibliography lists 4 sources.


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This 5-page paper focuses on two aspects -- requirements for due diligence when it comes to making an investment in a company, and a model for a memo about potential legal problems of the company. The company in question is a start-up construction company. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Application of EU Competition Law

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This 10 page paper is written in two parts. The first part looks at Article 82, the old Article 86 and considers how this can be seen to encourage competition. The second part considers an Austrian wine maker who is exporting and facing barriers when exporting to other EU countries, such as an inspection charge to ensure there is no infestation and customs taxes. The bibliography cites 9 sources.

Directors Duties

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This 9 page paper answers three questions; How Section 35 of the Companies Act, 1985 has altered the Common Law interpretation of the Objects Clause in the Memorandum of Association of a Company, the general duties of the Directors of a company and under what circumstances a company director can be disqualified. The paper is written with reference to UK law. The bibliography cites 5 sources.

Constitutional Private Property Rights

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This 7 page paper considers the development of constitutional private property rights tracing these from the ideas Sparta and Ancient Greece to the Modern European Union and United States. The paper discusses the right to property in a number of the constitutions and/or other systems for protecting "rights". The bibliography cites 12 sources.

Rules of Evidence

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This 4 page paper examines rules of evidence, inclusive of the exclusionary rule. Other rules are discussed. Examples are provided. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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