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Law & Legal Systems Term Papers

We have 1259 term papers relating to 'Law & Legal Systems'. Displaying page 35 of 53. Unlike other term paper and essay websites, all our term papers on Law & Legal Systems have been written by professional writers, not submitted by other students!

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Discrimination Against Arabs Since September 11, 2001

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A 5 page paper that discusses the hate crimes against Arab Americans and others of Middle Eastern descent since the attack on America. There has been a huge backlash against these people, in terms of both physical and verbal assaults. The paper reports some of the incidents across the nation and the effect on these victims. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Intelligence Testing Among Inmates

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12 pages in length. There are a number of social and environmental factors that encourage delinquency; one in particular, however, that has received significant study is considered more than the rest: decreased intelligence. Research has shown that an individual whose intelligence level is below average can display myriad socially unacceptable behaviors. It can readily be argued, however, that a significant number of perpetrators engage in some form of delinquency at some time during their formative youth without the added burden of compromised intelligence; in this particular case, motivation for such behavior is often placed upon an unstable home life or other social factors. The prevalence of intelligence testing within the penal system has attempted to illustrated the correlation between lower aptitude and criminal activity, providing a springboard upon which further study continues to occur. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

The Roman Empire: Built Through Legion Law And Skill Of Extraordinary Organization

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5 pages in length. Historical accounts of the Roman Empire have often been less than flattering. Accused of forcible principles, self-aggrandizement and social intolerance, the ancient kingdom's legacy is one of brutality and fanaticism. However, while one side condemns the Romans for taking such a harsh approach to building its empire, the other recognizes the inherent fortitude of legion law and extraordinary organization necessary to accomplish such an overwhelming objective. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

The Role of Trademarks in Modern Commerce; America

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This 10 page paper considers the role of trademarks in the world of commerce from a legal perspective, considering what they are and their value. Using cases to discusses trademarks issues such as the use of color, value, infringement, dilution and fair trade are discussed. The paper considers the American position from both a national and an international perspective. The bibliography cites 8 sources.

Negligence and Negligent Misstatement in Australia

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This 12 page report discusses a hypothetical legal problem associated with the bad advice given by an accountant to his client. The advice proved economically detrimental to that client and resulted in a significant losses. The question, of course, is who that somebody is and what the law says can be done, especially in terms of financial compensation for losses. This rapid development in recent times makes negligence especially important and, led some legal scholars to the belief that it may equal the contract in importance as it develops more. It is important to remember that at its core, negligence may result from an act of doing something or from an omission to do something which would be deemed necessary in the circumstances. Bibliography lists 20 sources.

Judicial Review and the Marbury vs. Madison debate

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7 pages. This paper will consider whether the exercise of the judicial review is legitimate. The question here is whether judges who are not elected should be able to overturn the actions of a democratically elected legislature. Ever since Marbury v. Madison, a debate has raged about this question. Within this paper the debate is researched, and the major points for and against judicial review are pointed out, as well as which side appears to have the stronger argument and why. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

The Case of the Estate of Earl Guidotti

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This 5 page paper considers the case of the Estate of Earl Guidotti where there were contradictory clause and an attempt at preventing the remarriage of his wife. The writer examines the arguments for and against the case and the precedent that were used, as well as the result of the case. Case notes were provided by the student.

Tort Of Negligence

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8 pages in length. A fast-paced society is at risk for multiple negligent issues, not the least of which concerns that of medical negligence. Australia is just one of many countries that have fallen victim to overworked, undertrained practitioners whose focus is not always upon the patient's best interests. Personal and professional distractions, as well as the inability to spend adequate time with each patient, are just some of the reasons cited for the conspicuous increase in medical negligence. What determines whether or not an individual seeks legal compensation when medical negligence has occurred? Are there certain issues that openly sway one's decision as to take action? Clearly, several factors exist within the boundaries of medical negligence that help determine if a patient is going to sue, including the patient/doctor relationship, how the doctor responds to the claim of negligence, as well as the ethical nature of the situation. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Basics of the Insanity Defense

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10 pages. This paper explains some theories of the insanity defense used in a court of law, including the first use of the insanity defense, some cases that actually used the insanity defense, and personal opinions regarding the use of the insanity defense. Note to student: This model paper gives the facts and findings of the pertinent research, but the personal opinions of the insanity defense is one the student will want to include based on his or her own feelings. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Sylvester Turner Vs. KTRK Television

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5 pages. In this Texas court case of Sylvester Turner Vs. KTRK Television, Texas libel laws were in question. This paper presents a detailed history of the case and the possible effects the case could have on Texas libel laws. After reviewing the information presented, there is a logical conclusion presented in the summary, concluding wtih the facts as they stand based on this case. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Aviation Law and the Fourth Amendment

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This 8 page paper delves into Constitutional rights as it involves airport security measures. Scanners and other machinery are discussed as is profiling. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

New Zealand Law: Privacy Law and Contract Law

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5 pages. Two case studies are presented herein requiring decisions based on both the privacy laws and contract laws of New Zealand. Each case consists of a scenario with a decision made according to the proper laws as stated by the government of New Zealand. The client in each case is advised of the law, of his rights regarding such law, and the relevant provisions of the remedies that are available to the client. The client is counseled as to whether or not there is valid warrant for a case and what measures can be sought in compensation for the alleged breach of promise in each case. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Revised Article Nine and the Uniform Commercial Code

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This 7 page report discusses the “new” or “revised” Article 9 provisions in the Uniform Commercial Code. Both the old and the new Article 9 primarily focus on secured transactions. The revised U.C.C.. Article 9 received final approval from the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws (NCCUSL) and the American Law Institute (ALI) in July 1998. By July of 2001, it had received “universal” acceptance and application. In general, the “new” Article 9, expanded the scope of Article 9 in a number of ways that affect such matters as deposit accounts as collateral, duties of secured parties, choice of law, perfection of security interests, priority rules, and the definition of proceeds. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Freedom Of Contract

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A 5 page paper. Freedom of contract is a principle with a long history, dating back to the 19th century. This paper provides a brief historical overview of how this principle came into existence and discusses the meaning of this principle. The writer also discusses the negative effects of this principle. There is a focus on Australia. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Law Firm Case Study – Hall, Dickler, et al LLP

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Law Firm Case Study – Hall, Dickler, et al LLP: This 5-page essay chronicles the case study of the Hall Dickler, et al law firm of legal professionals. It also offers an overview of its inside machinations, and the contributory factors relevant to its success. Bibliography lists 7 sources. SNAkghal.doc

The Case of the Counterfeit Cur

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The Case of the Counterfeit Cur: This 10-page essay discusses a hypothetical case involving the purchase of a Maltese Retriever puppy and the feasibility of the buyer’s proposed lawsuit eight months later. This essay discusses the question, while exploring all the issues that could be deemed applicable and potentially relevant. Bibliography lists 4 sources. SNConcur.doc

Common Law; Contract and Tort Case Study

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This 6 page paper examines a case study provided by the student. Two individuals aged seventeen and eighteen join a gym by paying a years membership and are injured before the gym closes after only three months of membership. The paper considers the contracts and if either party may be able to make a claim for a refund of membership fees and their potential claims for compensation of lost income as a result of injuries sustained. The bibliography cites 4 sources.

1925 Land Legislation in English Law

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1925 Land Legislation in English Law: This 12-page essay examines the tenets of Great Britain’s 1925 land law statutes, while discussing the underlying property ownership issues, overall objectives, and the legislation’s ultimate judicial legacy. The Law of Property Act and the Land Registration Act, (both of 1925) were two landmark pieces of legislation that would irrevocably and forever, change the face of English property laws. Bibliography lists 10 sources. SNLandlw.doc

Construction Of A Lease

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The legal means of differentiating property rights is done through contracts or, in the case of renting property, leases. This 6 page paper provides an overview of the essential elements in a lease. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Tort Reform And Biblical Principles

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A 6 page paper. One writer says that America's courts have succumbed to what can only be explained as a fit of madness in terms of tort cases and damages awarded. This has led to a movement for tort reform. The writer discusses issues related to torts and tort reform and then cites Biblical principles that might be considered in these proposals. As another writer put it: God holds us accountable for our actions and our negligence. Unfortunately, our society is breeding people who believe they can do anything they want with impunity. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Preliminary Rulings of the European Courts of Justice; Article 234 EC

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This 5 page paper explains Article 234 EC the tool by which the EU seek to ensure uniformity of the interpretation of EU laws. The writer explains what this article is, how it works and the impact that it has had on legal decision made within the European Union. The paper fully cites many European cases in order to emphasis the points made.

Critical Legal Studies Movement; A Criticism of the Marxist View on Law and Society

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This 10 page paper considers the perspective of the critical legal studies movement, the way in which it different from traditional jurisprudence and the way that it interprets the use of legal theory along with the successes and failures of the movement. The writer then goes onto consider the critical approach that is manifested in the Marxism perspective of law and society through the critical Marxists. The bibliography cites 10 sources.

Fully Restorative Programs

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An 18 page paper which summarizes 3 separate textbooks which analyze fully restorative programs as they relate to the field of justice. The books summarized are "Restorative Juvenile Justice" by Gordon Bazemore and Lode Walgrave, "Victim Meets Offender: The Impact of Restorative Justice and Mediation" by Mark Umbreit, and "Family Group Conferencing: New Directions in Community-Centered Child and Family Practice" by Gale Burford and Joe Hudson, ed.. No additional sources cited.

Constructive Eviction in the State of New York -- Incidental and Consequential Damages

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This 3 page report discusses the meaning of “constructive eviction” in the State of New York and the circumstances under which incidental or consequential damages may be available. In the most simplistic of explanations: “Constructive eviction occurs when residential rental property is an uninhabitable condition. The uninhabitable condition makes the property unsuitable to live [or work] in.” Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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