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Law & Legal Systems Term Papers

We have 1259 term papers relating to 'Law & Legal Systems'. Displaying page 15 of 53. Unlike other term paper and essay websites, all our term papers on Law & Legal Systems have been written by professional writers, not submitted by other students!

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Current U.S. Immigration Laws

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A 6 page paper summarizing the basic points of US immigration laws in the post-9/11 environment. Immigration requirements already were difficult for many before the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Since then, they have become quite stringent. Bibliography lists 5 sources. A companion PowerPoint presentation is available.

Examples of British Influence on the American Justice System

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This 4 page paper gives three examples of English laws that have influenced the US justice system. The laws considered are the right to trial by jury, the principle of double jeopardy and the right to silence. The paper also considers the status of these historical laws in the UK today. The bibliography cites 8 sources.

Hoffa v the United States

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A 5 page overview of this Supreme Court case involving attempted bribery of a petit jury by the president of the Teamsters labor union, Jimmy Hoffa. The case argued, unsuccessfully, that the government’s use of a paid informant who worked his way into Hoffa’s motel suite and the area of his legal counsel, constituted a violation of Hoffa’s Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendment rights. Bibliography lists 4 sources.


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This 4 page paper is an example legal complaint, such as would be filed with a district attorney. Case discussed, recommendations offered. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

3 Questions Pertaining To Inquiry, Evidence And Judgments

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3 pages in length. The writer briefly discusses the following: How much inquiry is enough; how do you evaluate evidence; and how do you express judgments effectively? Bibliography lists 4 sources.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964

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This 9 page paper provides an overview of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the context in which it was developed. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Document Number PL 88-352, 88th Congress, H.R. 7152) was a continuation of a process initiated under the Kennedy presidency to put into place measures for the protection of minorities in the United States. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

The Impacts of the Brown v. Board of Education Decision

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This 10 page paper considers the impact of the decision in Brown v. Board of Education. This paper relates the decision to issues of racism in the 1950s and 1960s and the factors that led to the Civil Rights Movement. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

MIMA v Bhardwai: Australian Case Law

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This 5 page paper outlines the case of the Minister for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs (MIMA) v Bhardwai (2002), HCA 11 (14 March 2002). This paper outlines the basic elements of this case. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Australian Law and Proportionality

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This 7 page paper provides an overview of the concept of proportionality as it appears Australian Law. In recent years, the High Court of Australia has been for applying the concept of proportionality to issues related to the Constitution of Australia. When the core values of this Constitution are at stake, the requirement of proportionality becomes more stringent for the High Court, and questions of the application of this standard have been related in recent years. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

Australian Law; Case Study Concerning the Trade Practices Act 1974

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This 6 page paper considers several fictitious scenarios and how they may be dealt with under the Australian Trade Practices Act 1974 (as amended). This includes the purchase of a business property where there has been a breach of a verbal agreement and a misrepresentation, an attempt to limit a warranty and a consumer purchase of a faulty motorbike. The bibliography cites 3 sources.

Max Weber's Theory of Political Domination, Bureaucracy and Legal Legitimacy and Its’ Implications for Modern Democratic Societies

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This 25 page paper looks at how Max Weber’s theories regarding bureaucracy, political domination and legal legitimacy and what these may indicate for modern democracy. The paper begins by describing Weber’s relevant theories and explaining what these mean. The theories are then tested against historical development and examined for flaws before the findings are used to determine how they may apply to modern capitalist democracies, such as the potential requirement for written constitution and the need for continuing development of challenges to the existing bureaucracy through different legal tools. The bibliography cites 17 sources.

Revocability of an Offer: Italian Contract Law

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This 20 page paper provides an overview of the concept of the revocability offer through a view of Italian contract law. This paper considers factors like when revocation becomes effective and the elements determining the direction of this law. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Legal Advice to Adult Entertainment TV Station

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A 6 page research paper that is based on the premise that this research is a formal statement of advice for an adult-entertainment TV station from its legal counsel. The writer reviews current First Amendment case law and argues that the station should take steps to limit access to minors, as well as censor any material that depicts illegal acts or is demeaning to women or minority members. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Insecure Transactions Under English Company Law

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This 11 page paper examines how transactional insecurity is dealt with by English law. This includes pre-incorporation contracts, agency and ultra vires acts. The paper also refers to the various Companies Acts and cites numerous cases to illustrate the points raised. The bibliography cites 12 sources.

Implied Terms Of Contract

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An 18 page paper that discusses certain aspects of contract law in the United Kingdom. Implied terms of a contract are those that are not expressly written in the document. Courts typically determine whether or not a term is implied by the contract. This essay defines and explains terms, the evolution of the interpretation of implied terms by courts, the three categories of grounds for implied terms, and how Lords have described the current practice of interpreting contract terms. Examples of cases and comments from courts are interspersed throughout the essay. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Directors and the Corporation Act 2001

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This 5 page paper looks at the Australian Corporations Act 2001 to see if the act provides sufficient controls on the behaviour of the directors of public companies. This is discussed with reference to the failure of HIH and the Joint Committee of Public Accounts and Audit report. The bibliography cites 8 sources.

Legal Considerations in Health Services: The Patient Self Determination Act

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A 5 page emphasis of the importance of the Patient Self Determination Act in health services. The author reviews the case of Terry Schiavo to stress the importance of having one’s wishes regarded their health care clearly recorded in a legally valid document. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

EU Law; The Free Movement of Goods, Cases Involving Articles 28 – 30

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This 4 page paper looks at different scenarios where one member state has restrictions on goods which may or may not be seen as restrictive. The paper considers a company tat wants to export chocolate with a sugar content over that allowed by the importing country, the requirements for specific packaging of another country, issue such as morality applied to chocolate made in erotic shapes, and a ban on advertising in children’s comics and magazines in another state. The paper is written concisely and cites numerous cases to illustrate points raised. The bibliography cites 5 sources.

EU Law; Article 81

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This 5 page paper critically discuses the scope and effectiveness of Article 81 as the principle means of controlling anti-competitive agreements within the European Union. The paper examines the article and cites numerous cases to illustrate the points raised. The bibliography cites 5 sources.

The Patriot Act

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A 3 page paper discussing the major points of the Patriot Act and an individual’s reactions to it. Americans are fond of bickering among themselves, but we band together well in the face of crisis. In this sense we are very much like an old-fashioned large family. Patriot enables the mechanisms by which that quality can be expressed. Perhaps we give up a measure of individual freedom in the face of Patriot, but in the balance, the freedom we stand to gain from it may well outweigh that which we have to give up. Bibliography lists 1 source.


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This 3-page paper discusses the case of the Amish family versus the state of Wisconsin's compulsory education laws. The paper discusses the basis of the case, the arguments and the effect of the decision. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Appellate Brief for Case Study

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This 6 page paper is a sample appellate brief based on a New York case study submitted by a student. The case involves a search and seizure by police after an individual is stopped for speeding. The brief argues that the search was illegal based on the fourth amendment. Five notations are included in Bluebook style. No bibliography .


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This 4-page paper focuses on several aspects pertaining to Anderson et al vs. Grace et al, the trial dealing with toxic groundwater in Woburn, Mass. during the 1980s. Bibliography lists 4 sources.


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This 3-page paper discusses property and community rights laws as they pertain to the California Family Code.

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