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Art and Architecture Term Papers

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One Part Art, One Part Animation - The Role of Computer Generated Imagery in Film

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An 11 page paper that examines the invention, development and progression of computer generated imagery in the film industry, concentrating on the special effects that began to be used in the decade of the 1990s. Included is a short history of the innovative career of Edwin Catmull, father of present cutting-edge rendering concepts, as well as an overview of the cost reductions this technology has introduced and the current career opportunities offered by this innovative field of expertise. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

The Enduring Contributions of the Greeks and the Romans

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A 10 page paper which compares and contrasts the enduring contributions of the Greeks and Romans. The paper discusses art, architecture, and other more obscure or less noticeable influences felt from ancient Romans and Greeks. The point presented in the paper is that both ancient cultures are perhaps felt just as equally in society today as they relate to enduring contributions. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

HIERONYMOUS BOSCH: Garden of Earthly Delights

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( 5 pp) Hieronymus Bosch was born in 1450 in Flanders. In these Pre-Reformation times there was a great deal of public hysteria against heresy, sorcery, and magic. Public tortures and executions were common. Hieronymus Bosch's work , certainly constructed as allegories and social commentaries, might have easily been viewed with suspicion, but his marriage into wealth (1478 he married Aleyt van de Meervenne, the daughter of a wealthy city founder) shielded him from such concerns, as did his favor with the Spanish court. His painting Garden of Earthly Delights is discussed. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

The Barbizon School of Art

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( 8 pp) The Barbizon School was a group of naturalist landscape painters who worked in the vicinity of Barbizon, a village on the outskirts of the Forest of Fontainebleu, southeast of Paris, in the 1840s and 1850s. These artists rejected the Academic tradition, abandoning theory in an attempt to achieve a truer representation of the countryside, and are considered to be part of the French Realist movement. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Salvador Dali: Christian Themes.

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( 10 pp) in 1941, Dalí moved beyond his esoteric, surrealist style in order to make a more universal artistic statement. His interest shifted from personal obsessions to universal themes, and he became fascinated by religion and modern science . Dalí summarized this shift by saying that he intended "to become classic," for, "to be a Surealist forever is like spending your life painting nothing but eyes and noses." Dalí looked back to Classical and Renaissance art for inspiration, while looking forward to the scientific discoveries emerging around him in the 1950s. He desired to be the spokesman for the atomic age, to unite the discoveries of modern science with religion and mysticism. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

The Acropolis

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(11 pp) In the Classical period of Greek history (500-336 BCE), Athens reached its greatest political and cultural heights: the full development of the democratic system of government under the Athenian statesman Pericles; the building of the Parthenon on the Acropolis; the creation of the tragedies of Sophocles, Aeschylus and Euripides; and the founding of the philosophical schools of Socrates and Plato. Bibliography lists 9 sources, and 4 illlustrations.

The Future of Graphic Arts

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This 10 page paper takes a look at what graphic arts might be like in the twenty-first century by first looking at its past. The changes which have been effected by technology are highlighted. The artist's role in the advertising industry is examined. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Impressing the Impressionists - Japonisme & French Art in the Nineteenth Century

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An 8-page paper that examines the influence of Japonisme, a trend stemming from the work of Japanese ukiyo-e artists, on the works of French artists during the latter half of the nineteenth century. Discussed are Japanese master painters Hokusai Katsushika and Hiroshige Ando and the manner in which they influenced the works of French Impressionist artists Edgar Degas and Claude Monet. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

A comparison of two styles

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5 pages in length. When one compares the styles of art from one period to another or from one civilization to another, it is often easy to detect the differences as well as the similarities between cultures and styles. Nowhere are these differences more apparent than when comparing such diverse works as that of the statue of Ramses the Second from the Temple of Harsaphes with the marble-draped statuettes from the Hellenistic period of the Greek World with their untold abundance of emotion and depth, flowing robes and exquisite details. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Recycling Cities' Industrial Areas

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A 5 page paper discussing decay in downtown Detroit, the renovation of the L&N Railroad terminal in Knoxville, Tennessee and the conversion of tobacco warehouses in Durham, North Carolina to a pedestrian shopping mall. These beautiful old buildings that have been sitting vacant for decades can have a positive effect on the areas around them. Narrow, twisting streets may not be conducive to using them again as industrial sites, but there are higher and better uses available. Whether used for shops, restaurants, offices, apartments or a combination, cities' old industrial areas can become vital once again, and in ways never originally intended. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

The Future of Graphic Design on the Web

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This 5 page paper looks at the role of graphic design in the world of the Internet. Firstly it looks to the market and potential market graphic designers may find, and then it goes on to look at alternative companies may find and the pricing structure of the industry. The bibliography cites 5 sources.

Photography: Creative Use of Artistic Elements

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A 5 page discussion of the artistic flexibility of photography. Discusses the use of analogy, metaphor, allusion, authority, alliteration and repetition. Emphasizes that photography can captivate an audience and put them on the edge of their seats with both visual and non-visual stimuli. It does so through the creative combination of a number of artistic elements. Bibliography lists 1 source.

20th Century Computer Graphic Design

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30 pages in length. There have been myriad technological advances throughout the past one hundred years. Indeed, the twentieth century turned out to be the springboard for the unprecedented advancement in the graphic design industry, effectively availing entirely new and divergent concepts with which designers can create. From meager beginnings, the graphic design industry has progressed into a much utilized and highly respected enterprise. The writer discusses various changes and occurrence influential to the 20th century graphic design industry, including the transition from 2D to 3D; the incorporation of feng shui; and the issues of gender inequality. Bibliography lists 18 sources.

Wall Paintings of the Etruscan Tombs

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A 6 page discussion of the wall paintings of the Etruscan tombs. References the paintings of Tomb of the Triclinium, the Tomb of the Baron, the Tomb of The Bulls, the Tomb of the Lionesses, the Tomb of Fishing and Hunting, the Tomb of the Augurs, the Tomb of Orcus and the Tomb of the Shields. Explores the chronology of the artistic evolution which is captured in the paintings. Emphasizes the connection of this development with social circumstances of the varying time periods. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

The History Of Color Photography

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9 pages in length. Once the staple of photography, black and white images have all but given way to its color counterpart. Indeed, the lure of bright, rich color was, in and of itself, enough of a selling point to draw away from what had heretofore existed only in the finite world of black and white. The advent of color photography brought with it an entirely new perspective to the industry, which included more expansive manufacturing plants, increased consumer interest and a glimpse into a more realistic image. The writer discusses the history of color photography. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Partnerships in Social Housing; Applying the Egan Agenda

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This 10 page paper looks at the way in which social housing may benefit if the Egan Agenda was adopted in the construction of this type of property. Short term direct savings are considered as well as longer term indirect savings. The paper also includes a description of the Egan Report's general findings in order to better place the student to understand its application to social housing. The bibliography cites 6 sources.

The Art of Christian Boltanski

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A 9 page research paper that examines the work of contemporary artist Christian Boltanski. The writer argues that Boltanski's work encompasses the existential conundrums that characterize life in the postmodern world. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

History of Color Photography.

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(9pp) Ever since the advent of the daguerreotype and the calotype in 1839, photographers began to search for a way to reproduce their subject matter in color. Indeed, color photographs became available practically as soon as photography itself. But these early attempts at color photography were nothing more than hand tinted black & white photographs of the area. Color theory was still relatively primitive at this time, and the photographic materials available were blind to almost half of the visible spectrum Almost a hundred years would pass, before the necessary film is available to the public. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Chinese Art - Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

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This 5 page paper examines three various historic pieces of Chinese art from LACMA. Many of the fundamental differences between Chinese secular art and the traditional modern art of the West are based on differences between the philosophies of nature and human nature held by the two cultures. For the Chinese, human beings are not dominant I nature; they are part of it, responding like all living creatures to its rhythms. To be happy is to live in accord with nature; to be an artist is to be the instrument through which nature reveals itself.

The Story of a Romantic Painter

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(5 pp) The Pre-Raphaelite movement began as the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood in 19th-century England -- seven young artists protesting against the confining ideals of High Victorian art, as well as the strict, rote methods of painting they were required to learn at London's Royal Academy, who were influenced by neo-classicists Piranesi and David. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Wide Angle - The Personalized, Digitized Photography of Tamas Waliczky

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A 5 page paper that explores the methods and effects of the interactive computer digital photography of Hungarian-born photographer Tamas Waliczky. Works discussed include "Focus", "Landscape", "Sculptures", "The Garden", "The Forest" and "The Way". Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Feminist Perspective On The Postmodern Body In Art

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12 pages in length. The female form has long been admired through the painstaking efforts of artist renderings. Historical art has portrayed women as gentle, nurturing entities with a strong yet gentle demeanor. However, in postmodernity all that the body previously signified has disappeared; once inescapable and the genesis of identity, now it is like a ghost that haunts our flesh. Is technology and education the combined culprits of such an experience? Bibliography lists 10 sources.

The Influence of Religion on Fine Art

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This 18 page paper explores the many roles of art through out the centuries, including that of teacher, recorder of history, and the definer of paradox - the ability to make a definitive visual statement about something that is difficult to define. A relationship is shown between the process of art and religion, as well as the influences religion might have on the process itself. What does 'tranquillity' or 'harmony' look like? How do I understand the creation? What do these things look like? So it would seem that there is a healthy relationship between these two factors of the human spirit, religion and art, or art and religion, which complement and assist each other. At least this seems like a healthy relationship until we reach the modern age. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

Jean Michel Basquiat

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5 pages in length. Like any other international symbol, art strips away the barriers inherent to cultural segregation. Indeed, society's inhabitants are hard pressed to interact with one another based solely upon verbal exchange; however, when art is brought into the mix, that cultural barrier is soon removed. It can readily be argued that Jean Michel Basquiat's art was one of very few entities that possessed a universal appeal, no matter what culture it addressed. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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