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Waste Management Term Papers and College Essays

See 10 college essays and Waste Management term papers below.
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Waste Management in the Australian Construction Industry

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This 27 page paper examines the issue of waste management in the Austrian construction industry. The paper is based on the hypothesis that implementation of waste management strategies will result in improvements in the environment including minimisation of resource use depletion, decreased energy usage and reduced pollution and that businesses in the building industry can gain financially from the implementation of waste management strategies through implementation of avoidance, reuse and recycling of materials. The paper examines the motivation, the level of waste management that is present in the country and the patterns of reuse and recycling and the benefits of waste management. The paper then presents an assessment of the limitations of this study and a short essay using the data collected. The bibliography cites 18 sources.

Waste Management in New York and West Virginia

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10 pages in length. Includes the controversy of waste management in the two states as well as individual waste solutions as well as geological developments in each state. Bibliography list 8 sources.


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This paper is a profile about Waste Management, Inc., what it does and its earnings. The profile also discusses whether it is a good stock buy or not, based on financial factors such as P/E, cash flow and other environmental issues. Bibliogaphy lists 4 sources.

The Environmental, Economic and Social Impact of Improper Waste Management Systems

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This 22 page paper provides an overview of the environmental, economic and social impacts of poor quality waste management operations. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

The Feasibility of Waste Management Policies in the European Community

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This 47 page paper considers the issue of waste management in Europe in the midst of the call for reforms and the emerging focus on environmental concerns. This research study considers the issue of the feasibility of waste management policies within the European community, and evaluates the effectiveness of one proposed policy for those countries participating in the European Union. Bibliography lists 36 sources.

Solid Waste Management / Disposal vs Recycling New York

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This 11 page paper looks at the use of landfills as a major problem in the Northeast. Recycling is discussed in detail as an effective method to handle solid waste. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

A Way With Waste?

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This 6 page paper considers the draft document 'A Way With Waste' published by the UK government in order to reduce the effect of waste ion the environment. The writer considers the way that this change in policy, if adopted, will impact on waste management companies, forcing them to change the way they operate and impact of n the industry structure in which they operate. The bibliography cites 4 sources.

Chicago-Area Landfills -- Politics and Controversy

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This 15 page report discusses the landfills in the communities surrounding Chicago. In a metropolitan area and its surrounding communities, especially one with the population base of the Chicago area, issues surrounding waste management and local landfills have become an important political, economic, and social issue, as much (perhaps more than) a environmental issue. Local governments face increasing regulatory costs in owning and operating landfills, as well as ever more difficult challenges in finding politically acceptable locations for new facilities to replace old ones or accommodate new landfill growth. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Blockbuster, Republic Industries And Wayne Huizenga

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A 5 page paper that traces Wayne Huizenga's success from his waste management company through his Blockbuster days to his now Republic Industries, a very diversified company. This billionaire is once again bound to make yet another fortune as he continues his expansion into several different areas including car sales and rentals. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Waste Minimization

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This 20 page paper asserts that waste minimization is the most effective form of compliance for any corporation. The necessity for compliance, based on public health and environmental reasons, are explored. Also included is the history of industrial practices and the environmental movement as well as an explanation of how waste lowers the quality of life. Detailed methods of effecting minimization, along with easy to understand examples and the inclusion of the 'waste management hierarchy', is a focal point of the paper. Bibliography lists 15 sources.

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