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Racial Discrimination Term Papers and College Essays

See 31 college essays and Racial Discrimination term papers below.
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Racial Discrimination and Avis Rent-A-Car

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A 9 page essay investigating current news stories about Avis and their reluctance to rent cars to black customers. Current discrimination allegations against Orthodox Jews are also included. The paper begins with a review of the 1896 Supreme Court decision in Plessy v. Ferguson, goes to the 1954 Court decision of Brown v. Brown, and leads to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. There is an in-depth look at the discriminations charges against Avis, along with some of Avis' stated plans in remedying the current problem. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Racial Discrimination In The Workplace

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A 5 page paper discussing problems associated with racial discrimination in the workplace. The writer examines why and how people are being discriminated against as well. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Racial Discrimination And The Public School System

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A 9 page research paper that investigates the effects of the desegregation laws and actions. The issue is far more complex than just desegregation in the schools in terms of racial numbers. There is an important issue of achievement. Did these actions improve the achievement of any of the students? The data are mixed on this question. The hypothesis for the paper: does racial discrimination still exist in the schools? is accepted based on the literature review, however, other issues are equally as important in this question. This paper discusses these and concludes with suggestions for future studies. The bibliography lists 8 sources.

Racial Discrimination in the Workplace / Do We Still Need Affirmative Action ?

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A 9 page research paper examining the continued need for Affirmative Action policies instituted in the 1960's. Some authors state that American minorities still need Affirmative Action's protection; some state that we have moved beyond the quota system and that Affirmative Action has outlived its usefulness; and at least one maintains that the quota system was illegal from the outset and was never supposed to have been an issue. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Racial Discrimination

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A 4 page paper which examines racial discrimination in the United States. The paper discusses the history of racial discrimination in the country and examines how racial discrimination is still prevalent today. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Racial Discrimination: Decrease Or Increase In The Past Twenty-Five Years?

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5 pages in length. The writer discusses whether or not racial discrimination has decreased or increased over the past twenty-five years, addressing the particular influence of media. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Policing, The War On Drugs And Racial Discrimination: Their Relationship In The United States

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9 pages in length. The vicious cycle of social determinism plagues virtually every aspect of life, however, no place is more evident of this than with the relationship among law enforcement, drugs and race. Policing such an overwhelming cause as rampant drug use has brought to light an interwoven component of ethnic inclusion to the point of rendering a social stigma to such a stereotype. The primary reason that these three seemingly unrelated entities are inextricably entangled with one another is because of the vicious cycle of poverty and crime, with particular emphasis upon the economic and political struggles of inner-city existence in the United States. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Discrimination in American Society (Especially Concerning Asians)

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A 5 page paper which examines the causes of discrimination in America, and specifically, how the practice of racial discrimination as negatively impacted upon Asians. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Texaco: A Case in Discrimination

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This 4 page paper examines the law that prohibits racial discrimination. Texaco--a firm that did not pay its black employees enough-- is used as a case study. The problem came to a head during the mid-1990s when a suit was settled by the industry giant. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Workplace Sexual Harassment: Implications

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5 pages in length. One might readily argue how Maria is confusing sexual harassment with gender/racial discrimination, a distinction that may ultimately cost her the suit. Being that sexual harassment is defined as any unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature – verbal, visual or physical - Maria may have great difficultly proving that any of this occurred during which time she was compelled to take on the role of menial servant. Situations can arise when a person is forced against her will to participate in an act of sexual harassment that threatens one's employment, no matter if it was done overtly or merely by inference, however, the circumstances upon which Maria's suit is filed are clearly not of a sexual nature as defined by law and may be construed as pushing the boundaries of current formulations of sexual harassment laws. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Freeman v. Oakland Unified School District

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This 3 page paper examines this case and shines light on the troubled California school district. The suit involves racial discrimination. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Johnson, Nixon and Supreme Court on Civil Rights

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A 4 page research paper on the Civil Rights era. During this time the executive branch, under both Presidents Lyndon B. Johnson and Richard Nixon, aided the cause of civil rights by promoting significant legislation and anti-discrimination public policy. However, the Civil Rights movement was first aided by the Supreme Court through the landmark decision of Brown v. the Board of Education. In deciding which branch of the federal government was most successful in its efforts to end racial discrimination, this examination considers a three-point criteria: specifically, (1) understanding and sensitivity toward the issues involved; (2) advocacy of African American rights; and (3) effective results. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Homicide Among Black Americans

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16 pages in length. Stereotypical, knee-jerk public opinions often accuse black Americans of being perpetrators in more homicides than white offenders. While statistics back up this claim to some extent, what is not as readily realized is that black Americans also represent the highest number of homicide victims between the two races. In the year 2000, a population of 6.1% white males between the ages of fourteen and twenty-four reflected a homicide victim rate of 10.0% and an offender rate of 17.3%, while a 1.1% black population of the same age group produced 14.8% victims and 27.4% offenders (FBI, 2002). There are a number of variables that comprise the reasons why young, black Americans are more vulnerable to homicide death than any other populations, including alcohol, firearm accessibility, drugs, poverty, unemployment, racial discrimination, cultural beliefs, gender oppression, as well as a growing concern over popular culture's preoccupation with violence stemming from "television and movie violence and the role it plays in initiating the idea that problems are solved through violence. For example, by age 16, an average child has witnessed approximately 16,000 murders on the television screen" (OSDH, 2003). Bibliography lists 21 sources.

Micronics Technology Human Resource Case Study

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A 12 page paper that uses three scenarios supplied by the student, each of which is briefly described. The writer then responds addressing whether or not the employee might have a case against the company. The issues deal with sexual harassment, racial discrimination, and gender discrimination. The cases are multifaceted. Comments are supported with court cases. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

Training and Employment Law

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This 14 page paper is written in two parts, The first considers the role of a trainer, why understanding the learning process is important and how it may be used to enhance training skills. The second part of the paper looks at the legal position of an employment agency when one of the workers it places suffers from racial discrimination and also when they pay women lower pay rate than their male counterparts. The bibliography cites 12 sources.

The Harlem Riot of 1935

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This is an 8 page paper about the Harlem riot of 1935. Includes a ¾ page outline. The Harlem riot of 1935 was the result of years of racial discrimination, poor health care, bad housing, police violence, overcrowded schooling and unemployment which had plagued Harlem since the beginning of the Great Depression in 1929. Once an area of the African American renaissance in the 1920s, Harlem had become largely forgotten by the city of New York; a situation which was exaggerated by the housing and loan segregation brought about by the New Deal’s Federal Mortgage and Loans Program. In March 1935, a boy was caught stealing a knife from a Kresge’s store on 125th Street and the rumors of his beating led to rioting which lasted for two days. After the riot, Mayor La Guardia started a commission to study all the factors which led to the riot which eventually led to the introduction of several new health care and housing projects in addition to the appointed of several African Americans in advisory and political positions. Despite La Guardia’s best efforts, the situation in Harlem did not improve drastically and further racial tensions led to another riot in 1943. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

The History and Issues of Latino/Hispanic Gangs in America

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This is a 6 page paper discussing the history of and the issues involved with the formation and development of Latino/Hispanic gangs in the United States. The increasing Hispanic population in the country has also seen an increase in the membership in Latino gangs. Violence surrounding these gangs is high and usually involves racial discrimination and conflict issues. Recently, Latino gangs have affiliated with their communities and other inter-racial gangs to help develop a solution to overcome discrimination and violence issues. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Is Affirmative Action Constitutional?

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6 pages in length. The real life application of affirmative action is anything but what it was originally designed to address. Double standards are prevalent throughout educational institutions as minority groups have been instrumental in taking advantage of a system that was supposed to offset racial discrimination, not make it worse from the other direction. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

Discrimination Considered in Dr. Claud Anderson’s “PowerNomics: The National Plan to Empower Black America”

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A 5 page paper which examines how the author proposes an economic alternative to racial discrimination in America. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Race and Ethnicity

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A 6 page paper which presents the sociological concepts of the terms race and ethnicity. The paper also discusses racial minorities in the United States and racial discrimination in the United States. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

“Chicana feminism”

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A paper which looks at the way in which Chicana feminism deals with the issues of gender inequality, both in Mexican culture and in society as a whole, and considers the other issues such as racial discrimination which they have had to face in their struggle to achieve equal cultural recognition in a multi-ethnic society.

Katia M. De Queiros Mattoso's "To Be A Slave In Brazil, 1550-1888"

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5 pages in length. Katia M. De Queiros Mattoso's "To Be A Slave In Brazil, 1550-1888" delves deeply into the historical and cultural foundation of racial discrimination during the slave trade. The book effectively illustrates the extent to which blacks suffered gross indignities at the hands of those who were in control. Recounting seaward journeys depicting the terrible treatment African slaves endured, Mattoso's novel addresses considerably more than merely a story of slavery – it focuses upon material and emotional circumstances, as well as relations and exploitations, clearly contending that the slave was an indispensable instrument of production. No additional sources cited.

Racism Exists in Britain.

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(10 pp) Britain has admitted that the tone of the country's recent asylum debate could encourage racial prejudice. That government acknowledgement has resulted from criticism, by rights groups at a United Nation's meetings in Geneva to discuss racial discrimination. Britain "remains attractive to migrants precisely because it is seen as a tolerant and diverse society," delegation leader Sarah Marshall told the 18-member committee on the elimination of racial discrimination. Indeed it may appear attractive, but only if one does not look beneath the surface, and see that racism in Britain is alive and strong. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Feminism and Gender Roles in the 1950s and 1960s

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A 12 page overview of the societal changes which occurred during these two decades in regard to the relationships between men and women. Notes a number of factors combined to effect these changes. These were inclusive of the subservient role of women throughout history, inequalities in the workplace, and the perception of being bound into domesticity. Concludes that to judge the changes in gender roles which occurred during the 1960s is the same as judging any facet of human evolution. The relationship between men and women is no more static than any other aspect of our culture and society. Women had witnessed the breaking down of racial discrimination, and age-old attitudes about sexuality and other barriers, they were ready to implement equal changes in their own lives. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

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